Greg Jennings talks Baker's attitude, Browns' struggles, Dak's payday and Rodgers | NFL | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 10, 2019
  • Greg Jennings joins Colin Cowherd on today's show. Hear what Greg had to say about Baker Mayfield's attitude and whether it's a good fit for Cleveland. Greg weighs in on Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers.

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    Greg Jennings talks Baker's attitude, Browns' struggles, Dak's payday and Rodgers | NFL | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Is Baker Mayfield’s attitude a good fit for Cleveland?

    MANU3L TAPIA III  7 days ago

    Fcking colin loves to bash on the browns n baker. Every chance he gets. 😆

  • Clint Zuleger
    Clint Zuleger  7 days ago

    At 10:33. ....... and Charles Woodson.

  • d morris
    d morris  1 months ago

    #he #wrong #about #TO #all the #way

  • Wyatt Lambert
    Wyatt Lambert  1 months ago +1

    The AFC should be changed to WAFC. Meaning, “Weak A** Football Conference.”

  • Wyatt Lambert
    Wyatt Lambert  1 months ago

    That O Line ain’t a problem on Madden. SMH

  • Dram 23
    Dram 23  1 months ago

    Baker is just another Johnny Football. Ryan Leaf is waiting for you to cross over and take a seat next to him.

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808  1 months ago

    Where Colin was Right: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Randummm
    Randummm  1 months ago

    WRONG. Beckham is NOT an over the top threat. He does NOT have elite speed. He’s a quick little hotdog who runs great patterns and he has moves and makes plays when he gets the ball....but he is small, and he ain’t that fast. OBJ is not a dominant WR.

  • Sudden Revelations
    Sudden Revelations  1 months ago

    Baker just had a 76 % completion rating in college and elevated his team that's why he was drafted #1. The Browns have a cringy O-Line

  • Master
    Master  1 months ago

    Baker should demand part of Colin's salary. He should be willing to sue Colin for a portion of his salary.

  • Giovanni di Capo
    Giovanni di Capo  1 months ago

    Johnny Manzell 2.0

  • Deborah Nadolski
    Deborah Nadolski  1 months ago

    Hmm..Does Baker have fire and passion to prove himself as a star or to win games? I say the former. Who in the locker room is loving Baker right now? I don’t see Baker hyping up his team on the sideline. I see him sulking. Not winning that way when Baker is also playing terribly.

  • Jamaal Ali
    Jamaal Ali  1 months ago

    We're starting to see Baker is overrated...

  • Danny Burch
    Danny Burch  1 months ago

    I like Jennings seems like a nice guy.

  • Kythe
    Kythe  1 months ago +1

    Let’s go into the mind of a Greg Jennings

  • Tortilla The Bun
    Tortilla The Bun  1 months ago

    Baker is like Brett.

  • Adam Spencer
    Adam Spencer  1 months ago

    Baker got Bosa fired up years prior before either was in the NFL.

  • vect97
    vect97  1 months ago

    Sounds like Jennings speaking about KD. They tried to mesh him into the team but curry and those guys already had a squad. I think OBJ will want out of Cleveland ASAP regardless of how he loves playing with his BFF

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini

    Colin...I respect you but pls stop saying Bruh 🤦‍♂️😭