Middle School Class President

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Me doing the most in middle school.
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  • Blinkin Panda
    Blinkin Panda  3 hours ago


  • Aspxt Kam
    Aspxt Kam  12 hours ago +1

    Why go fight these kidz😂😂

  • D-Magic
    D-Magic  yesterday

    anybody else peep that the math problems on the board is wrong

  • Chase Othick
    Chase Othick  yesterday

    The dad looks like jalen rose

  • Matty Gaming
    Matty Gaming  2 days ago

    2:55 I’m from haiti

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious  2 days ago

    39+2 is 51 😂

  • Circee Drinks
    Circee Drinks  3 days ago

    I'm from Haiti

  • Be High
    Be High  5 days ago

    Opd is oceanside police dapartmeant ?

  • HeeBee Jee Beez
    HeeBee Jee Beez  5 days ago

    1:18 2+39=56

  • Dribble 4 Fun
    Dribble 4 Fun  5 days ago

    Who caught 2+36=52

  • Breanna Rod
    Breanna Rod  6 days ago

    “I’m the chosen one” iconic 👌🏻

  • Adron Ung
    Adron Ung  7 days ago

    How do you remember what middle school was like?

  • lucas gaming
    lucas gaming  7 days ago

    Offensive im hatian😭😭

  • Pac e. Man
    Pac e. Man  7 days ago


  • Neito Vlogs
    Neito Vlogs  7 days ago

    Is Tina B. Short for Tina Belcher

  • Joaquin Grayson
    Joaquin Grayson  7 days ago

    uggghhhh the lightskins that one kid getting all the clout, like I got this friend lets call him Honor yeah like an Honor rool cuz dis dude smart as a fart i meanz there is this girl in my class named Lana lets call her Lana she was hard to get but Honor he can just wipe them out like Teleportation Technique thru that hard to get i mean 4 girls already asked him out.

  • Roshan Roshi
    Roshan Roshi  7 days ago

    Am I the only one that realizes at 1:05 on the board it say 2 + 39=56

    ;-; Boi

  • Shatt On
    Shatt On  7 days ago

    Bro his videos r so good

  • CookieBoy770
    CookieBoy770  7 days ago

    They did teach him about politics.

    They taught him how to make empty promises.

  • Ethan Bogle
    Ethan Bogle  7 days ago

    I’m in 6th grade and I’m 5,1