Talking to Strangers

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Peasant Potato
    Peasant Potato  23 minutes ago

    Pro tip for introverts. Just to get adopted by an extrovert. They drag you places and make you interact with things.

  • Alexander Leion
    Alexander Leion  an hour ago

    This feels like Sweden, except you don’t take the bus if it’s super crowded, since we’re all paranoid here

  • JoelJoestar
    JoelJoestar  an hour ago

    3:46 Oh, you’re approaching me?

  • Itz StudioGalaxy
    Itz StudioGalaxy  2 hours ago

    Thats why at our country there are only two seats in buses

  • cameron francis
    cameron francis  2 hours ago

    Hammer give away

  • Darker joy Gamer
    Darker joy Gamer  3 hours ago

    A N D T H E N I J U M P E D O U T T H E W I N D O W

  • The Biscuit Rabbit

    John doe is a Roblox hacker
    (On strangers name tag)

    PARAXSCS  7 hours ago +1

    James: Yes, i'm telling you to judge people by their looks.
    Other video
    James: Don't judge people by their clothes; that's the most shallow thing a person can do.

  • Roe's fun Life
    Roe's fun Life  7 hours ago

    my birth day to is may 4,2011

  • FIRE666 FIRE
    FIRE666 FIRE  10 hours ago

    Делай видео на русском!

  • That One Boi
    That One Boi  12 hours ago

    3:46 Is that a jojo reference?

  • Peyton Pirtle
    Peyton Pirtle  13 hours ago


    But, your the odd one.

    iFLEX DOGEC3NA  13 hours ago

    This is some how happy

  • TrueHaitianBizz
    TrueHaitianBizz  13 hours ago

    And how I can make MONEY OFF OF THEM HEYOOO

  • Reagan Orton
    Reagan Orton  14 hours ago +1

    I literally burst out laughing at the “how”!!!
    Also I totally struggle with this

  • The Derpy Gamer
    The Derpy Gamer  14 hours ago

    I think the word sTraNGer

  • Melanie Kay
    Melanie Kay  14 hours ago

    Do you recommend any apps for animation I am very new and don’t know alot

  • Icantfixthis gaming
    Icantfixthis gaming  15 hours ago

    May is my b day

  • frick
    frick  15 hours ago

    Did you know I love you?

  • Corrupted 0909
    Corrupted 0909  16 hours ago

    But im kinda shy too and i don't really ask an associate sooooooooo yea