The Game That LeBron James DISRESPECTED Gilbert Arenas, INSANE Game 6 Duel Highlights 2006 Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
  • LeBron James 32 Pts 7 reb 7 ast, Gilbert Arenas 36 Pts 11 ast 5 Reb Full Game Highlights | Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 6 | 2006 NBA Playoffs | HOH Throwback in HD
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  • Cho Tv
    Cho Tv  2 days ago

    This shyt was fixed thats y Gil was shaking his head

  • ValensBellator
    ValensBellator  4 days ago

    Lebron really did keep attacking the basket with the game close. I don’t understand skip’s claim that he was scared of it early on... he knew he wasn’t a great free thrower but he still took the open lanes.

  • runzization
    runzization  7 days ago

    This was good...not in great stratosphere though as it was decided by FT.
    LeBron's block on Andre Iguodola to win Chip for Believeland. Right there with Tayshawn block on Reginald Miller

  • J P
    J P  7 days ago

    Arenas tells this story perfectly lol on his podcast

  • Kobe Jamez
    Kobe Jamez  7 days ago +1

    "Remember when lebron tapped you on yo chest at the free throw line?...You ain't never been the same"

    Nick young

  • Usic Chamagua
    Usic Chamagua  14 days ago

    Lebron was on another level meng

  • Hector Maysonet
    Hector Maysonet  14 days ago

    6:14 that look

  • Bishop Boyd
    Bishop Boyd  14 days ago

    washington needed 2 have kept the BULLETS` name. but on 2nd thought.... arenas in the locker room with a gat. uhhhhhh

  • STILLME_67
    STILLME_67  14 days ago

    Yet espn makes y’all feel Lebron not clutch? 🤣🤣🤣 dude been putting work in!

  • RecklessTVFStylez
    RecklessTVFStylez  14 days ago


  • RJMDesigns
    RJMDesigns  21 days ago

    omg Arenas was a beast..

  • The HOWARD
    The HOWARD  21 days ago

    Now I c what skip b talking about Lebron played no D

  • Mr B
    Mr B  21 days ago

    FACT: LeBron would've gotten babied by Wilt!

  • Jervis Paraggua
    Jervis Paraggua  21 days ago

    Fvck analytics, nba was better back then. Now everybody trying to be the warriors and keeps shooting 3s.

  • Lewei Wang
    Lewei Wang  21 days ago

    Lbj mind fxxked Arenas so hard

  • SidJustice1
    SidJustice1  21 days ago

    They were hoopin’ hard here. Agent Zero was something special. LeBron is just the king of 🏀

  • Taurean Spiritual Goddess 444

    Lebron a mental player😍😍😍

  • O.G.2iLL
    O.G.2iLL  21 days ago

    Ppl say Lebron ain’t clutch tho smh

  • Michael Kayseryan
    Michael Kayseryan  21 days ago

    I miss LeBron being tht savage he still is but haven’t seen it since 2016

  • KOOL Swade
    KOOL Swade  21 days ago

    Has Gilbert ever said anything about this ?