Why Magnesium Fires are SO DANGEROUS

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • In this video we're exploring the properties of magnesium and why water can't put it out.

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  • Gillan iskandar nst
    Gillan iskandar nst  23 hours ago

    Try pouring to the pool 😂

  • Max Kopstein
    Max Kopstein  2 days ago

    Fun fact. The reason you can't use a normal fire extinguisher on magnesium is because it burns so hot that it can actually use CO2 as a source of oxygen.

  • Chris Yu
    Chris Yu  2 days ago

    I'm guessing you don't live in a HOA

  • qwerty mnbvc
    qwerty mnbvc  3 days ago

    you cheat with your power washer,
    I have often extinguished magnesium with water. just water gently to cool the molten metal. the problem comes from the air that is carried by the water.

  • jerry coleman
    jerry coleman  3 days ago

    Ok lets see you make magdalium

  • SO Official
    SO Official  3 days ago

    Try putting magnesium in a microwave

  • Revanaught
    Revanaught  3 days ago

    "once a magnesium fire starts it's really hard to put it out"

    Fires go out while they're slowly moving the sticks around

  • East Coast Carpenter of Alaska

    Try putting it in a stick welder, see if it can be used as a demolition rod

  • Maggie E
    Maggie E  4 days ago

    Very rarely do you actually use water to put out a fire lol

  • Dylan Palmer
    Dylan Palmer  4 days ago

    Doesn’t magnesium burn hot enough to cause water to revert to hydrogen and oxygen?

  • Chris M
    Chris M  5 days ago

    Pff, used to light vw engines on fire so we could see well enough to ride in the dessert....

  • Jason Pearce
    Jason Pearce  5 days ago

    Did you panic a little bit with the dry ice experiment?

  • Aleister Midnight

    lol...shes really annoying.

  • Lane Balls
    Lane Balls  7 days ago

    Also what happens if you dump liquid nitrogen on a mattress???🤔

  • Lane Balls
    Lane Balls  7 days ago

    You guys should try taking squishy stress foam toys and putting them in liquid nitrogen and deep frying them and also putting them in the vacuum chamber and the freeze drier please

  • Cubix
    Cubix  7 days ago +1

    Hey kids, we found the cause for global warming.

  • Connor Probert
    Connor Probert  7 days ago

    At 8:50 you sounded like pewdiepie

  • Seth Abels
    Seth Abels  7 days ago

    Droppp mag 🔥 in 💦!!!

  • Rev Funk
    Rev Funk  7 days ago

    So...where does she keep those rods off camera???? I'd love to see

  • Kristian Gameplay

    your neighbors must be vary happy with all this smokey experiments :)