Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
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    Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  • Furiousmoose10
    Furiousmoose10  10 hours ago

    I don’t agree the first mortal combat movie was good and it’s a video game and the second one now that’s a different story

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H  14 hours ago

    Every time you said genetic material I just thought about ditto being mews well you know B===D----

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor  21 hours ago

    Your research is flawed. Please check out the Ditto sidequest in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon... the transforms into human is canon to the games.

  • Neko Rush
    Neko Rush  23 hours ago

    From what I remember the experiments were originally to bring an extinct pokemon back to life. Just like the fossils found in the game. Only problem was to little dna was found of Mew. Even though the experiment was to clone a Mew that wasn't enough for Giovanni. He want to create the ultimate pokemon something that you be even stronger than Mew. That how we got MewTwo a pokemon that no one could control. I'm pretty sure somewhere in one of the games I played it did say Ditto was a byproduct of cloning Mew.

  • Kamil Draws
    Kamil Draws  yesterday

    i love that movie

  • Diamond Mudkip
    Diamond Mudkip  yesterday

    Look at kalos you find mewtwo in a cave and outside the cave you can guess what get ditto and in ultra sun and moon 5 ditto transforms into people that are not around so could they be super ditto

  • Pierce Lindenberg

    You’re funny MatPat, never change. The humor of this show isn’t cringy to me.

  • Kallee Damant
    Kallee Damant  yesterday

    Sonic Movie: ~Fixed~

    MatPat: ~Pikachu face~

  • your mom
    your mom  yesterday +1

    What about the rage Gas

  • DemoniaProductions

    Just watched this movie for the first time, thought it was great.

    Key point to my comment; you missed a piece of evidence tying the special Ditto to MewTwo.

    Spoiler; during the end fight with ditto, ditto transforms into multiple pokemon, but specifically ones interacted with by the main character in the story. (Cubone, Mr.mime, loudred, machamp) suggests a possible telepathic connection.

  • Game Star and stuff

    Where's ash?

  • Dubu and Mochi
    Dubu and Mochi  3 days ago

    I literally came back to this video and realised this was when the old sonic trailer was released new sonic is better

  • Fifi Flair
    Fifi Flair  3 days ago

    The last clue !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I watched this movie

  • Arti Cuno
    Arti Cuno  3 days ago

    What if the kids father is Ash

  • XperimentorEES
    XperimentorEES  3 days ago +1

    Hasn't sega secretly a subsidiary of nintendo for the past decade or so? It'd make sense why sonic games/media are routinely terrible since he's one of the few franchises that has a chance of overthrowing mario; and over the years we've all seen how nintendo tries to keep their favorites obsessively popular, if not at times oppressively controlled. Just some suspicious food for thought.

  • Valkyrie Rain
    Valkyrie Rain  3 days ago +1

    Let's not forget the dittos transforming into people in the Alola games

  • Brett Warner
    Brett Warner  3 days ago

    Here's a thought.....
    Ditto = Mewtwo's poo! 😮
    That's why they're always by Mewtwo and why they are constantly appearing.
    The guy has gotta take a dump from time to time 😂

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh  3 days ago

    Our classic villian Mewtwo is a good boy now. So no more Pokemon (anime) movies that will portray him as villain ?

  • Chetan Singh
    Chetan Singh  3 days ago

    I thought he's going to talk about everything is ditto theory. Lol

  • René Matei
    René Matei  3 days ago

    You forgot to mention, as Mew is the ancestor to many (not all) Pokemon. this is where the transformation ability stems from. It has the basis of so many Pokemon genes, which is the reason it can do that in the first place