FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer for FFVII - A Symphonic Reunion (Closed Captions)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Check out the surprise trailer that was revealed to a live audience during FINAL FANTASY VII - A Symphonic Reunion, the first concert dedicated entirely to FINAL FANTASY VII.

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  • DroptopGazer
    DroptopGazer  2 months ago

    What’s the song called?

  • meixizou86
    meixizou86  2 months ago

    cries in PC platform

  • Vanity Storms
    Vanity Storms  2 months ago

    Biggs...when did you get so hot??

  • Solaris 32
    Solaris 32  2 months ago

    I won't buy it until it comes to Steam.

  • Dragon lord Gaming
    Dragon lord Gaming  2 months ago

    It is a good thing I upgraded my hard drive

  • Mariac
    Mariac  3 months ago

    So are they taking away the combat system?

  • ForemostCrab7
    ForemostCrab7  3 months ago

    Release Date: 03/03/2020.
    i've never really played any final fantasy games, and i only got to the point just before you fight the dude in the white suit with the shotgun because the version i had was telling me to do something that i could simply not do...either that or i did not speak well enough english at the time (no, looking it up on youtube did not cross my fkn mind, cause i was just a dumb lil kid then) soooo i never finished the game or got to the heavy shit, loved every second of it tho, so. Eventho i have no real history with FF...seeing FF7 getting an HD Remake, why does it get me hard?

  • Niklas Andersson
    Niklas Andersson  4 months ago

    They dun trashed another game again. The original is one of the best games ive played. This reeks of FFXIII and Crisis Core.
    Horrible fucking American voice acting as usual. Good thing i aint on the hype, will be a trainwreck.

  • Final Fantasy Meditations

    love this

  • TemporaryFamineShip
    TemporaryFamineShip  4 months ago

    Will the story be more coherent this time around? Seriously, they better fix the script. All that stuff with Zack was so nonsensical and annoyingly confusing. If the original game had a flaw, it was the shit backstory that just kept sinking deeper and deeper into a convoluted shit pit.

  • Med Otaku
    Med Otaku  4 months ago

    Damn... I figured they just gave up.

  • Haniel Lucas
    Haniel Lucas  4 months ago

    Whats the music / soundtrack playing on the background, guys????

  • Jeff Lith
    Jeff Lith  4 months ago +1

    This title, final fantasy VII, beats the rest of final fantasy series titles. A true rpg game. Please, dont make this title hack and slash game. Keep it original.

  • Jose Fredes
    Jose Fredes  4 months ago

    Que hermoso!!!!!

  • outSider Cain
    outSider Cain  5 months ago +1

    Mario Maker 2, Judgment, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain, Fire Emblem, Link's Awakening, Code Vein, Pokemon, FF7 1st Class, CP77, Marvel's Avenger
    Wallet : Stop it, get some help.

  • Wardonis
    Wardonis  5 months ago

    A lot of grunting

  • Vlad 117
    Vlad 117  5 months ago

    But where is ma lad Cid?

  • WeCoolWeCoolBOUNCE
    WeCoolWeCoolBOUNCE  5 months ago

    Still nothing outside of Midgar. This should worry everyone

  • josh bentley83
    josh bentley83  5 months ago +1

    Are you going to the reunion?

  • Gilberto Gonzalez
    Gilberto Gonzalez  5 months ago

    Cambiaste la receta 😠