Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019. Watch the highlights of the great final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. The Spanish won in four sets 6/3; 5/7; 6/1; 6/1 and claims his 12th Roland Garros !
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  • Casey
    Casey  yesterday

    4th set was a total mental collapse from Thiem

  • Snade Nardi
    Snade Nardi  2 days ago

    The thing is that both Nadal and Thiem are similar. They are both perfectly great at clay court. Now. The difference is that Nadal finds a way to adjust to the flow of the game and adjusts his game in the middle of the match. Thiem is just one way hard hitter more or less compared to Nadal. Nadal's getting old so Thiem will have his chance at the French Title if he remains his condition and level of intensity.

    Xi DIAMOND  2 days ago

    That match point was just like the US Open 2019 lol service returned out drop to floor lol I love it

    Xi DIAMOND  2 days ago

    Game, Set and match Nadal

  • louis briffaux
    louis briffaux  3 days ago +1

    Merci pour tous ces gens là qui font vivre le tennis mondiale

  • CoDex
    CoDex  5 days ago

    If Nadal was thiem's age, then thiem would be destroyed

  • Azmi Ganie
    Azmi Ganie  6 days ago

    a high level match between nadal & thiem, thiem showed brilliant play but clay still nadal's territory

  • Barbara Hardwick
    Barbara Hardwick  7 days ago

    Watching this final so many times never bored. O2 hasn't really started yet so dark and dreary. Can't wait for 2020 and sunshine tennis and of course the MAN Rafa 💕🇪🇸💕🇪🇸💕🇪🇸💕🇪🇸💕

  • Riezky Kiki
    Riezky Kiki  7 days ago

    I can't believe

  • N_Fannane
    N_Fannane  14 days ago

    It’s time to name it Rafael Nadal instead of Philippe Chatrier

  • sebas89ify
    sebas89ify  14 days ago

    2:52 es Nicolas Massu ????

  • zhanghan xie
    zhanghan xie  14 days ago

    if rafa and novak bron 3 years early Roger would only got 10

  • Ahmed Noman
    Ahmed Noman  14 days ago +1

    It Would Take Another Century To Achieve This Mile Stone.

  • Jack Lines
    Jack Lines  14 days ago

    Nadal and Thiem at the French Open could become the equivilant of Federer and Roddick at Wimbledon

  • aris orais
    aris orais  14 days ago

    If Academy Awards has Oscar Trophy,
    Roland Garros has Rafa Trophy.

  • den525
    den525  28 days ago +1

    The achievement is even more impressive when you look closer... Federer's 8 at Wimbledon is an amazing achievement... but Sampras won 7... Djokovic's 7 at Australian open is an amazing achievement... but Federer won 6... These records will be broken...

    Nadal's 12 at French Open is out of this world extraordinary because the next closest is Bjorg at 6! Only 2 players have won more than 3 French Opens. This record will stand the test of times and will NEVER be broken.

    Boris Becker: "To win Roland Garros one time, is almost impossible. To win it five times, it is impossible. To win it ten times, I don't know the word"

  • Herbert Herbert
    Herbert Herbert  1 months ago

    If Nadal decides not to play on hardcourt or grass again ,he'll have the most slams

  • Hunter Cook
    Hunter Cook  1 months ago

    Thiem probably could have won if they didn't make him play 4 days in a row while nadal only played 2twice in 5 days

  • Patrick Carson
    Patrick Carson  1 months ago

    Hey guys im from the Future! Nadal was beaten at 2020 Roland Garros! Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ari Jefferson
    Ari Jefferson  1 months ago

    Nadal's game is perfectly suited for clay in almost every way possible. Lots of spin on the forehand combined with the surface can constantly pressure the opponent and force them back or to take the ball on the rise which is difficult to do consistently. Incredible speed and defense combined with the slower surface allows him to get to balls that would have been winners 100% on other surfaces. Weaker opponent serves; big servers can't rely on winning service games against him and he doesn't struggle with his own serve since his serve has always been more spin focused rather than big fat ace down the T- focused. Additionally take the ball on the rise consistently (opponents) often eventually leads to the net where Nadal is so comfortable slamming backhand winners and forehand banana shots across. That's actually a position where the opponent is supposed to be at an adv( the net) but against Rafa it really isn't and to win a point you need have a good attacking ball from the beginning, insane reflexes and quick flawless putaways of the ball.