BTS 'Lights' Official MV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • BTS Japanese single 'Lights/Boy With Luv' is OUT NOW!

    BTS SINGLE「Lights/Boy With Luv」
    July 3, 2019 Release

    M1. Lights
    M2. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-
    M3. IDOL -Japanese ver.-


    #BTS #방탄소년단 #Lights #BoyWithLuv #IDOL


    BLACKPINK and BTS  seconds ago

    Это просто шикарнооооо

  • iwlu bing
    iwlu bing  5 minutes ago

    حقا تعبت يا رفاق حتى البكاء الذي كان يريحني ما عدت اقدر عليه ، رغم وجود الجميع بقربي إلا أنني أشعر أنني وحيدة ، لا أعلم لماذا أشعر بأن بانقتان و خاصة شوغا قريبين لي ، مع مرور الأيام أصبحت باردة جدا لدرجة تخيفني فالمواقف التي أعيشها صعبة أعلم أن تعليقي بالعربية و لا أحد يفهمه لهذا أجد أنه نوع من التعبير عن ما أشعر به ههه أصلا أنا لا أشعر بشيء و كأن حجرة ثقيلة فوق قلبي ، أحيانا أقول أنني متطلبة و أحيانا أشفق على نفسي ، ما هي السعادة هل هي بالإيمان أو المال أو الحب أو القناعة و ماذا لو لم أملك أيا منها هل أنا مصابة بالإكتئاب أم حقا ضروفي قاسية و لأ

  • Amna sanaullah
    Amna sanaullah  57 minutes ago

    Who is here waiting for this at muster?

  • jungkook es la polla te amo polla . 3


  • jungkook es la polla te amo polla . 3


  • Mona Nor
    Mona Nor  an hour ago +1

    We are going to see this tommorow omggg

  • Galaxy Kooky
    Galaxy Kooky  2 hours ago

    This is so meaningful 🥰🥺 i love this 🥺🥺

  • mire AGUSTD 100M
    mire AGUSTD 100M  2 hours ago +1

    Al menos una vez
    1) Airplane pt2:   97.4M
    2) IDOL ft.Nicki: 87M
    3) AgustD AgustD:  81.8M
    4) Lights: 58M
    5) For you: 56M
    6) Epiphany: 53M
    7) Euphoria: 52M
    8) MAP OF THE SOUL -Persona: 50M
    9) Heartbeat: 50M
    10) Make it right: 35M

  • wasabitae
    wasabitae  2 hours ago


  • fantaysia jenkins
    fantaysia jenkins  3 hours ago +1

    came here to announce bts are rehearsing Lights 🥺✋🏼

  • Ag.507 Alsheary
    Ag.507 Alsheary  3 hours ago

    Love BTS and army

  • Lindi L
    Lindi L  3 hours ago


  • AA J
    AA J  3 hours ago +1

    Lights by BTS is a wonderful song. For me the lyrics struck me the most. It is beautifully written. They say the most fundamental thing in a poetic manner.
    How I perceived the lyrics is, it's a person who is lost or is upset. That person is basically directionless at that point of his life. He is helpless, but even in this state of helplessness he still feels optimistic. He feels that he has the strength to achieve something as there is a voice. The 'voice' in this song can refer to the inner voice, our inner optimistic self urging us to move forward despite the obstacles and hindrances, to not give up and push through. Now when the song goes into the chorus, the light which these seven boys are singing about,is again, 'yourself'. The light which comes from within us. Another interpretation about the chorus, when they sing, 'I'm your light and you're my light', can be in reference to the relationship between their fandom ARMY and themselves. ARMY guides BTS through their lights (ARMY Bomb), these lights guide BTS and give them the strength, assurance and the ability to move forward. In a similar way when they sing, 'I'm your light', they are considered to be the representative of the youth, with this line they're telling their followers to trust them and yourself and they will guide you properly. Together they can walk and be strong.
    Moving on, when Jhope enters, he sings about people who are 'damaged', meaning people who have endured a lot in their lives but are still striving, even if they are alone and nobody believes in them, they will keep on striving and achieve their own path and find a way. They will keep on working hard as they believe that this too shall pass and only change is constant. These conditions which they are facing will change, and every adversity that they face has a meaning behind it and should embrace it. It only makes them stronger and wiser. Every sleepless night has its own fruit which we gain. Every hardship has its own rewards.
    Coming to the last part, which is my favourite is RM's rap. He talks about 'breaking down the walls and the light will seep in'. The walls that he talks about are our own insecurities and doubts about failure (my interpretation), once we break these 'walls', we have infinite possibilities and can accomplish our goals. Once we break these walls, it is possible to overcome everything as we no longer have the self doubt. We will only move forward, decide our own happiness on our own terms.
    Lastly,they talk about it being okay to show our weaknesses and okay to be ourselves as if we don't acknowledge them, we won't be able to improve and get better. Being true to our own selves help us have individuality, identity and principles. In the end only this matters.
    And that's it. That's my interpretation.

  • tasha
    tasha  4 hours ago +1

    Tae's vocals are so incredible ♥♥♥

  • Serena Pink
    Serena Pink  4 hours ago +1

    Idk why but this song gives me Christmas vibe. I mean, it looks to me as if it is a great to be listened in a cold, rainy day while you are staying home and drinking a hot chocolate

  • r j
    r j  4 hours ago +1

    Jin is so good at singing japanese songs?!?!?!

  • r j
    r j  4 hours ago +1

    I realise that for bts's Japanese songs, the more u listen to it, the better it becomes. Like lights and let go. It's a hidden masterpiece.

  • mari kook
    mari kook  5 hours ago +1

    I love bts so much