Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • Tasty Chefs Alexis and Alix compete to turn Kaylanee's drawing into delicious, real-world desserts. Who will unravel under pressure?

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  • YesMy Friendd
    YesMy Friendd  yesterday

    No I bet she play’s

  • Inez Bruwer
    Inez Bruwer  2 days ago

    They LIVE in the desert and they are DEAD

  • Mariam Elmahdy
    Mariam Elmahdy  3 days ago

    I love alix so much plus her ideas

  • Jayda Iordanidis
    Jayda Iordanidis  3 days ago

    I like how she drew the sticks to be round
    And I love how she also said ‘here’s what I know about llamas! They live in the desert and their dead’

  • angel kook
    angel kook  3 days ago

    This girl is picky🤐 if I was her and didn't like the food- I wouldn't COMPLAIN....she is like Gordon Ramsey 😒

  • Chrisalia Torrez-Salas

    I'm 8 and I know what cyan is it is actually one of the prymarry colors along with yellow and magenta.

  • Gacha Colo*rs
    Gacha Colo*rs  4 days ago

    Knowing me I would put a cooked tarantula on the dish

  • Tess Berger
    Tess Berger  4 days ago +1

    Alix and Alexis great job! Also does anyone else notice that Alix almost always uses coconut?

  • babi
    babi  6 days ago +3

    “this isnt cyan”

    who asked-

  • Maria Joyce-Johnson

    Alexis:Should be fine


  • Anna Doudle
    Anna Doudle  7 days ago

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH……CYAN!!!!!!!!!🧵🧵

  • Diana Gutierrez
    Diana Gutierrez  7 days ago

    I wish I was on the show because I am 10

  • Jïñks
    Jïñks  7 days ago


  • Beth Potter
    Beth Potter  7 days ago +1

    Tasty (to kids): you can ask for whatever you want! And then you can choose which one is the winner by how it tastes and by how closed it matches your drawing!
    Kid: this one is missing something from the drawing and this on has the coloring wrong
    Fans: How dare you. This 7 year old is so rude.

  • chung velex
    chung velex  7 days ago +1

    This girl Knows NOTHING about Mummies.. 😂
    She’s just saying the Obvious things “They’re Dead
    and They live in the Desert” Lol

  • Sophia Arriaga
    Sophia Arriaga  7 days ago

    I love Alex she is just so confident and always has a smile on her face which
    Is helpful for me to be happy in my opinion

  • icy
    icy  7 days ago

    i love alix

  • Averen Nededog
    Averen Nededog  7 days ago

    Mm muumuus,umm mm,myth that,b,mmdmenvmxdmfnmbybnutgu,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Illogically Logical

    The part that made me mad was when she didn't want to swallow the rice krispies treat ---

    Like sis, appreciate the effort?

  • vincent difonzo
    vincent difonzo  7 days ago

    The child :“Two things I know about mummies they live and the desert and they are dead”
    Me: how do you live somewhere when your dead