CCTVNEWS anchor's spontaneity wins praises CGTN
4 years ago
It was a usual broadcast day for CCTVNEWS anchor Wang Mangmang — until one of her shoes slipped by accident as she ...
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4 years ago
CCTV-News is China's preeminent 24-hour English language television channel. We provide global audiences with a better ...
 Fighting coronavirus: UAE cheers for China CGTN
3 hours ago
People from the United Arab Emirates send their sympathies and support to China for fighting with COVID-19. Subscribe to us on ...
 正在直播:CCTV 中文国际频道 CCTV LIVE
2 years ago
CCTV中文国际频道提供CCTV-4在线直播及电视播出等服务。中国中央电视台中文国际频道(CCTV-4)是中央电视台唯一一个面向全球 ...
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Watch CNA's 24-hour live coverage of the latest headlines and top stories from Singapore, Asia and around the world, as well as ...
 CCTVNEWS taking you further CGTN
4 years ago
We present news and views in our own way, telling stories that we believe make the world different. This New Year, we invite you ...
 Over 30,000 medics battling in Wuhan against coronavirus CGTN
Since late January, more than 30000 medical workers across the nation have been dispatched to and are on the front lines in ...
 CCTVNEWS anchor Edwin shares his two-time experience of China's parade CGTN
4 years ago
As a foreign journalist who has lived in China for many years, CCTVNEWS anchor Edwin, who witnessed the parades in ...
 China says violent protests in Hong Kong are 'undisguised challenge', reports state TV Guardian News
7 months ago
China regards the violent actions of some protesters in Hong Kong as an 'undisguised challenge' to the 'one country, two ...
 Chinese President Xi Jinping thanks Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in letter CGTN
2 hours ago
Chinese President Xi Jinping thanked Bill Gates for his foundation's contribution in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
 CCTVNEWS speaks to eyewitnesses of the “Nanjing Massacre" CGTN
4 years ago
78 years ago, Japanese troops seized Nanjing and committed one of the worst war crimes in history, the Nanjing Massacre.
 Infection control specialist aims at zero infection in medical team CGTN
23 hours ago
Given the unpredictable nature of the spread of the novel coronavirus, protecting medical personnel around the world has ...
 China 2049: What kind of country will China be? CGTN
What will China be like in 2049, the 100th anniversary of the People's Republic? President Xi Jinping states that China will ...
 Trailer: What is China? CCTVNEWS travels across China and beyond for answers CGTN
3 years ago
CCTVNEWS reporters go across the country and beyond for answers to the question: What is China? Stay tuned! Subscribe to us ...
 CCTVNEWS takes a close look at the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope CGTN
3 years ago
China's “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope” (FAST), a radio telescope near completion, is gradually being ...
 Cooking is not the best option during the coronavirus outbreak CGTN
What can we do during the outbreak? Cooking is obviously not the best option. Subscribe to us on YouTube: ...
 China like you’ve never seen it: New CCTVNews App CGTN
5 years ago
See China as you've never seen it before with our new CCTV News app. Now you can get your favourite news anytime, anywhere ...
 Wuhan's search for undetected coronavirus cases CGTN
4 days ago
Local communities in Wuhan are doing another round of comprehensive checks to find more cases that may have gone ...
 G20 is coming to China – be part of it with CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
Hangzhou will play host to leaders and representatives of the world's 20 biggest economies as it holds the G20-Summit. As China ...
 CCTVNEWS Interview with Yao Ming CGTN
6 years ago
He is truly a man who needs no introduction to sports fans here in China...or to millions more across the globe. Yao Ming is the ...
 CCTVNEWS brings you to Shenzhen, the birthplace of China’s economic miracle CGTN
3 years ago
f you were to name the capital city of China's economic boom, it would be Shenzhen. In 1979, when China kicked off its economic ...
 2020/02/20: China sneezes, world catches cold: How true? | Test for strained China-U.S. ties CGTN
When China sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold - how true for the COVID-19 epidemic? A test for China-U.S. relations ...
 China’s Long March-7 rocket boasts special design feature CGTN
3 years ago
CCTV has paid a visit to the manufacturing base in Tianjin, where the new-generation carrier rocket, the Long March-7, had been ...
 Exclusive: US Ambassador to China Max Baucus talks with CCTVNEWS about Sino-US mutual understandings CGTN
3 years ago
US Ambassador to China Max Baucus, in an exclusive interview with CCTVNEWS, opened up about his personal research on the ...
 Exclusive: Alibaba CEO Jack Ma sits down with CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
One of the highlights of this year's B20 policy recommendations is a program called e-WTP, or electronic World Trade Platform.
 CCTVNEWS, we're here to connect and make a difference CGTN
3 years ago
Subscribe to us on Youtube: Download for IOS: ...
 Medical staff disinfects discharged patients for the last time CGTN
16 hours ago
Forty seven people were discharged from Wuchang makeshift hospital in Wuhan. Here, the medical staff gave them a final ...
 Share your opinion of CCTVNEWS to win free trip to Beijing! CGTN
4 years ago
Have you ever watched CCTVNEWS? Have any stories happening in China captured your eyes? Do you find yourself intrigued ...
 Nurse donates plasma after recovering from coronavirus at home CGTN
Jia Na, a nurse who recovered from the novel coronavirus at home, decided to donate her blood plasma a week after returning to ...
 CCTVNEWS’s reporter witnesses final reflector panel put into place on FAST telescope CGTN
3 years ago
The final reflector panel of the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope “FAST" was installed in Pingtang county, ...
 Understanding the CPC – A CCTVNEWS special feature CGTN
4 years ago
With the Communist Party of China having marked the 94th anniversary of its founding on July 1st, CCTV NEWS presents an ...
 AIIB President talks exclusively to CCTVNews about his new role CGTN
3 years ago
As the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank's first president, Jin Liqun has much to prove. In a previous position with AIIB he ...
 US Ambassador to China Max Baucus talks with CCTVNEWS about US and China's future choices CGTN
3 years ago
US Ambassador to China Max Baucus believes the biggest danger between the two countries lies in lack of patience and ...
 Chinese President Xi Jinping thanks Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in letter CGTN
2 hours ago
Chinese President Xi Jinping thanked Bill Gates for his foundation's contribution in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
 Interview: China’s vice commerce minister sits down with CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
As part of our special coverage of the G20, we spoke with Chinese vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen about the challenges ...
 Taylor Swift brings "Red" tour to China & talks to CCTVNEWS about her career CGTN
5 years ago
American pop star Taylor Swift rocks Shanghai during her "Red" Tour. She talked to CCTVCulture in an exclusive interview about ...
 Understanding the CPC – A CCTVNEWS special feature CGTN
4 years ago
With the Communist Party of China having marked the 94th anniversary of its founding on July 1st, CCTV NEWS presents an ...
 Chinese officials pay silent tribute to medical workers who lost their lives fighting coronavirus CGTN
6 hours ago
Officials have paid a silent tribute to medics and patients who lost their lives during the fight against the novel coronavirus ...
 Supermarkets, convenient stores back in business amid coronavirus outbreak in China CGTN
16 hours ago
The majority of supermarkets and convenient stores in China have reopened for business as the coronavirus outbreak continues, ...
 ROK declares health emergency in Daegu CGTN
5 hours ago
South Korea has declared a health emergency in the southeast city of Daegu. This comes after the country's fourth largest city ...
 Don Evans shares his view on US presidential primary with CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
US presidential primary continues with dramatic results, one after another. Don Evans, chairman of the Bush/Cheney 2000 ...
 Volunteer helps elderly deaf COVID-19 patient with sign language CGTN
an hour ago
A deaf-mute COVID-19 patient felt restless and worried since she couldn't make herself clear to her doctors. That's when volunteer ...
 Cruise ship passenger tests positive after return to Israel CGTN
4 hours ago
Israel has confirmed its first coronavirus case. The patient is a citizen who flew home from Japan earlier this week after being ...
 Exclusive: MD of JP Morgan Asia Pacific speaks to CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
Ahead of the G20 Summit, the international business community handed in a special report of policy recommendations to the G20 ...
 Interview: China’s vice finance minister sits down with CCTVNEWS CGTN
3 years ago
The Business 20, or B20, meeting is now an essential part of the G20. The gathering of global business and finance leaders helps ...
 Doctor travels to Wuhan, makes up story to explain his absence CGTN
16 hours ago
Song Chenggang, a doctor at Heilongjiang Reclamation General Hospital, is leaving to support his Wuhan colleagues. He told a ...
 Elderly woman with COVID-19 decides to remain in Huoshenshan Hospital CGTN
In Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, without the company of her family in the isolation ward, a lonely 88-year-old woman packed her ...
 Confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea rises to 204 CGTN
17 hours ago
The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea has risen to 204. The World Health Organization said it is in close ...
 Panda video cheers on coronavirus patients at Wuhan hospital CGTN
4 hours ago
The Chengdu Breeding and Research Base of Giant Pandas has produced a video of a cute giant panda to cheer on #COVID-19 ...
 Official: Wuhan to build more makeshift hospitals CGTN
15 hours ago
Officials in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, said on Friday that they are planning to build more temporary ...
 Tokyo governor criticizes suggestion that London could host 2020 Olympics CGTN
2 hours ago
Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike said that the Olympic Games was an inappropriate topic for the mayoral elections in London.
 Shanghai residents show love and support from windows and balconies CGTN
22 hours ago
Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, Shanghai residents have shown their love and support from windows and balconies with ...
 Recovered coronavirus patient donates plasma to save lives CGTN
20 hours ago
A recovered coronavirus patient donated his plasma on February 20 in Jincheng City, north China's Shanxi Province. Mr. Su was ...