Accommodation ready for those needing more quarantine in Japan CGTN
4 hours ago
In Japan, hundreds of Japanese and foreign nationals have disembarked from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama ...
 Cruise ship passenger tests positive after return to Israel CGTN
4 hours ago
Israel has confirmed its first coronavirus case. The patient is a citizen who flew home from Japan earlier this week after being ...
 Infection control specialist aims at zero infection in medical team CGTN
23 hours ago
Given the unpredictable nature of the spread of the novel coronavirus, protecting medical personnel around the world has ...
 2020/02/20: China sneezes, world catches cold: How true? | Test for strained China-U.S. ties CGTN
When China sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold - how true for the COVID-19 epidemic? A test for China-U.S. relations ...
 Confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea rises to 204 CGTN
17 hours ago
The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea has risen to 204. The World Health Organization said it is in close ...
 My day: How does the coronavirus influence Beijing residents? CGTN
3 days ago
Beijing has carried out disinfection operations in public places and facilities to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus since late ...
 Doctor travels to Wuhan, makes up story to explain his absence CGTN
15 hours ago
Song Chenggang, a doctor at Heilongjiang Reclamation General Hospital, is leaving to support his Wuhan colleagues. He told a ...
 The Point: Evidence shows the coronavirus is not lab-made CGTN
2 days ago
A U.S. senator has been spreading the fringe theory that China manufactured the coronavirus. What are the dangers of such ...
 CGTN Africa Editor speaks on China's efforts in fighting epidemic CGTN Africa
15 hours ago
CGTN Africa's senior editor Douglas Okwatch joined a panel discussion on Switch TV's debut of a new talk show called the ...
 Tech Behind Anti-Virus Fight: How does 5G make difference in hospitals CGTN
14 hours ago
Huoshenshan and Leishenshan in Wuhan City are high-tech hospitals specially designed to combat the novel coronavirus. CGTN ...
 Wuhan volunteers help deliver medical supplies with grassroots efforts CGTN
23 hours ago
As Wuhan gains the upper hand against the epidemic, volunteers have stepped up efforts. One group responsible for collecting ...
 Official: Wuhan to build more makeshift hospitals CGTN
15 hours ago
Officials in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, said on Friday that they are planning to build more temporary ...
 CGTN Exclusive: Western propaganda on Xinjiang 'camps' rebutted CGTN
1 months ago
China's westernmost Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious region. It's difficult enough to ...
 Live: Life inside a makeshift hospital in Wuhan CGTN探访武汉体育中心方舱医院 CGTN
Earlier this month, amid the novel #coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan Sports Center was transformed into a makeshift hospital within ...
 For Better, for Worse: China-U.S. ties amid crisis CGTN
The total number of the confirmed COVID-19 cases in China is over 74000. The death toll stands at over 2000, and more than ...
 CGTN anchor Liu Xin explores Hong Kong after chaos and violence CGTN
2 months ago
After five months of protests, CGTN takes a look at the situation on the ground in Hong Kong. How have the city's residents been ...
 VLOG: Life in Guangzhou amid coronavirus outbreak CGTN
2 days ago
The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the city of Wuhan and the entire province of Hubei to a grinding halt. But what about the rest ...
 Wife of dead Wuchang Hospital director emotional farewell CGTN
Liu Zhiming, the head of Wuchang Hospital, passed away at 10:30 a.m. on February 18, from novel coronavirus pneumonia.
 Fighting terrorism in Xinjiang CGTN
2 months ago
Between 1990 and 2016, thousands of terrorist attacks shook the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China, ...
 Facts Tell: Are policemen shooting novel coronavirus patients on the street? CGTN
4 days ago
Rumors spread faster than the novel coronavirus. Recently, some clips have been circulating on social media claiming policemen ...
 More than 30,000 medical staff from across China go to Wuhan amid the coronavirus outbreak CGTN
Officials from the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism have been detailing efforts by medical staff to contain ...
 CGTN Anchor highlights role of media in curbing misinformation CGTN Africa
4 days ago
China is leading the fight against the COVID-19, with its efforts having received praise from the World Health Organization (WHO).
 The Point: What can Japan learn from China for epidemic control? CGTN
From China, the world now turns its attention toward novel coronavirus in Japan, which has seen a spike in infections.
 The Point: Chinese head back to work amid coronavirus CGTN
9 days ago
Chinese are slowly returning to work this week after an extended Spring Festival break. How has the coronavirus outbreak ...
 U.S. pledges financial assistance in political reforms CGTN Africa
14 hours ago
The United States says it will provide financial assistance to Ethiopia as it pursues far-reaching political reforms. During his visit to ...
 China 2049: What kind of country will China be? CGTN
What will China be like in 2049, the 100th anniversary of the People's Republic? President Xi Jinping states that China will ...
 Under pressure, medics in China undergo psychological treatment CGTN
5 days ago
Medics fighting against COVID-19 are working under immense pressure to save lives. Some are undergoing therapy to help them ...
 We are now CGTN, China Global Television Network CGTN America
3 years ago
Starting December 31, CCTV becomes CGTN, China Global Television Network.
 CGTN's journalists dispelling myths and misinformation on COVI-19 CGTN Africa
The engagement between CGTN Africa an local media houses on information gathering and sharing on the Novel Coronavirus or ...
 Live: Grand celebration honoring 70th anniversary of PRC's founding 庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年 CGTN
4 months ago
China is holding a grand celebration with military and mass parade at Tian'anmen Square on October 1, the National Day, to mark ...
 Chinese take to the internet in fight against coronavirus CGTN
10 days ago
Heart-felt moments have been emerging online as China comes together to fight the deadly novel coronavirus epidemic.
 How Chinese supermarkets have been impacted in coronavirus outbreak CGTN
15 days ago
As the U.S. officially advises its citizens in China to stockpile food, how serious is the situation regarding essential items? CGTN's ...
 CGTN's Liu Xin on China's response to the protests in Hong Kong CNBC Television
5 months ago
Liu Xin, television host and editor on China Global Television Network, which is run by China's Communist Party, joins "Squawk ...
 Wang Yi: Tide is turning in fight against COVID-19 CGTN
In Laos, foreign ministers from China and the 10 countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have wrapped up an ...
 China rallies scientific efforts to find new treatments CGTN
5 days ago
China is adopting multiple approaches to fast-track the development of effective treatments for the coronavirus epidemic. Several ...
 Learning Chinese at CGTN CGTN America
10 months ago
April 20th is U.N. Chinese Language Day, which aims to celebrate cultural diversity. It's a fitting theme in the United States, where ...
 Over 100 Chinese from Diamond Princess land in Hong Kong CGTN
2 days ago
A chartered flight carrying 106 Hong Kong residents, who had been quarantined on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, landed at ...
 The Heat: China cites progress in battle against coronavirus Pt 2 CGTN America
2 days ago
To discuss all of this, tonight's panel includes Cheng Li, the director of the Thornton China Center and a Senior Fellow with the ...
 By following @CNN , we find how they make fake news about Xinjiang CGTN
1 months ago
A cemetery in Xayar, NW #China's #Xinjiang #Uygur Autonomous Region, has recently become a bone of international contention ...
 Beijing subway's first full-fledged 'workday' since coronavirus outbreak CGTN
11 days ago
As many of Beijing's 22 million people head back to work Monday, nearly all of them are acting with an abundance of caution.
 CGTN Reporter's Diary in Wuhan CGTN
25 days ago
It has been almost five days since Wuhan authorities began a lockdown of the city of 11 million people. CGTN reporter Zhao ...
 CGTN team talks about Africa's support for China CGTN Africa
13 days ago
Here at CGTN Africa we've been doing our best to give you the latest on the novel coronavirus outbreak. C-G-T-N's Beatrice ...
 CGTN Observes: Two Chinese cities could change 5G history CGTN
11 months ago
This week, events unfolding in two Chinese cities could change 5G history. In Beijing, delegates from all over China are attending ...
 Stranger leaves 500 face masks for police station in east China CGTN
24 days ago
Video footage shows a police station in east China's Anhui Province receiving 500 face masks from a civilian. He left the face ...
 Military supply company switches to protective medical clothing production amid coronavirus outbreak CGTN
2 days ago
A Chinese military clothes supplier, Jihua Group Corp., switched to protective medical clothing production due to the coronavirus ...
 Live: View of construction site of Wuhan's novel coronavirus hospitals武汉火神山、雷神山医院施工现场 CGTN
25 days ago
Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital construction has entered its fourth day. Following the model of Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing ...
 With parents under quarantine, medical workers take care of the children CGTN
4 days ago
Two children aged five and three, entered the quarantine area for medical observation after six adults in their family were ...
 Chinese FM: U.S. accusations against China are 'lies' CGTN
6 days ago
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said in Munich that all accusations against China are lies. Wang made the remarks ...
 CGTN Observes: Is China luring Africa into a debt trap? CGTN Africa
11 months ago
China's engagement with Africa isn't new. The historical, political, economic, military, social and cultural connections between ...
3 years ago
China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is China's new international media organization. It was launched by the national ...
 Iraq donates medical supplies to aid China's fight against coronavirus CGTN
5 days ago
On February 14, a large quantity of medical supplies donated by the Iraqi people to China was loaded at Baghdad International ...
 CGTN reporter speaks with young Hong Kong protesters CGTN
4 months ago
A two-kilometer march from one of Hong Kong's busiest commercial centers - Causeway Bay - to the city's government ...
 CGTN's Liu Xin interviews HK protester CGTN
2 months ago
A is 15 years old. He calls himself a radical protester. He also serves as a first-aid volunteer on-site. He took part in the occupation ...
 China sends 20,000 more medical staff to Hubei CGTN
8 days ago
China is mobilizing 180 teams, involving more than 20000 medical staff to support Hubei Province in the fight against the virus.
 CGTN's journalists dispelling myths and misinformation on coronavirus CGTN Africa
The engagement between CGTN Africa and local media houses on information gathering and sharing on the Novel Coronavirus ...
 CGTN Africa: Into China CGTN Africa
1 years ago
18 members of CGTN Africa visited China, for the Short-Term Visit Program of Outstanding Overseas Employees in Chinese ...
 Vlog: how a community health center in Wuhan is fighting the virus CGTN
17 days ago
Since Monday, Wuhan residents have been required to go to their designated community health center first if they have fever or ...
 Promo: CCTV launches CGTN CGTN Africa
3 years ago
China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is China's new international media organization. It was launched by the national ...