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 Best of Jeff WInger: Community S01 - Leo Ashe
4 months ago
VISIT: SUBSCRIBE ▻ (@theleoashe) SHARE: #SixSeasonsandaMovie ...
 the dean hitting on jeff winger for 13 minutes straight BubbleFlix
25 days ago
"Off-campus I'm just a craig-ular Joe" Just a compilation of dean Pelton crushing on Jeffery. There's a lot more creepy touching ...
 Jeff's Pool Match - Community Community
7 months ago
In order to prove Jeff's (Joel McHale) loyalty to pool, he must go all out in beating his teacher, and I mean, all out... » Subscribe for ...
 Community - Dan Harmon on Jeff Winger's Leadership The Paley Center for Media
7 years ago
Purchase full-length Paley Center DVD of a similar event here: Also on amazon instant video.
 Community - Classic Wingers Cobra Bubbles
2 years ago
Best quotes from babe magnet, Jeff Winger! No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing and all rights go to their respective ...
 Community - Classic Wingers 2 Cobra Bubbles
2 years ago
i dont have an ego...
 Jeff & Annie Moments Dynamic Dames Media
2 years ago
For my first media project, I wanted to put together my favorite Jeff and Annie moments from season 1. I'm working on season 2 ...
 Community - Jeff Beats up Pierce cia123451
8 years ago
Pierce disguises himself as Jeff's father but then gets caught and gets beat up by Jeff.
 Don Draper's Jeff Winger Moment Shariq Ansari
8 years ago
Jeff Winger's speeches to the study group are always underscored by Ludwig Gorranson's excellent score that can make any ...
 Community Jeff's Speech to his Dad kash1080
7 years ago
Community_HoodBag S04E05 Not a typical video I upload but I, for some reason (Alison Brie), still watch this show even though ...
 Top 10 Episodes of Community
4 years ago
Sometimes you just need a bit of, well, community – but what to watch? Join as we count down our ...
 Jeff and Annie: "We Could Be Friends" [HD] ChuckBartowski
5 years ago
Please watch in HD! I also recommend using headphones or earbuds to be able to listen to the nuances of the music and ...
 The Community Show - Look At His Shadow! TheSparkysteve
8 years ago
Hilarious clip from the Community where the Dean falls over screaming about Jeff wearing aviators.
 Community - Jeff's Inspiring Speech - S01E01 TheBestPartOfIt
5 years ago
Episode name: Pilot. This video has been recorder from the TV series called Community and I have played no role in it's creation ...
 The Saddest Timeline: The '5' Timeline | Community Community
2 months ago
The dice rolls 5, it's Abed's turn to go down and open the door for the pizza guy...did you know Pierce once had sex with Eartha ...
 A Montage of "Winger Speeches" - Community (Episode Highlight) Community
7 months ago
Jeff (Joel McHale), in hopes of bringing back peace to the group, gives what is possibly the beset "Winger Speech" of all time.
 Community - S02E12- Jeff's Ben Chang Speech Kim Barloso
9 years ago
Jeff (Joel McHale) argues why they should let Ben Chang (Ken Jeong) in their study group instead of Rich. For the recap, go here: ...
 Jeff Ends The Paintball War | Community Community
3 months ago
At last, the suffering can finally end thanks to the great warrior: Jeff Winger. #Community #Paintball #Dean Watch full episodes of ...
 Kiss From A Rose - Community Community
7 months ago
While seeing Jeff (Joel McHale) at the mall, Dean Pelton "Craig" (Jim Rash) uses blackmail to convince him to do karaoke.
 Joel McHale On Why Chevy Chase Was Unhappy Larry King
7 years ago
Larry King interviews Joel McHale. Comedian & actor McHale discusses Chevy Chase & the "Community" controversy. Watch this ...
 Good Vs. Evil | Community Community
2 months ago
Jeff is able to pull one of his classic monologues out of the bag to bring a tumultuous series of events to a happy close.
 Jeff Winger's Dumb Gay Dad thanatos101b
9 years ago
Jeff and Britta do a little role playing.
 Jeff's Audition For MTV - Community Community
6 months ago
During debates, Annie (Alison Brie) pulls out a video from Jeff's (Joel McHale) past. One that should've never seen the light of day.
 Jeff Running Through The Rain - Community Community
7 months ago
Jeff (Joel McHale) runs through the rain to tell someone special something very important... » Subscribe for More: ...
 Peace At Last | Community Community
4 months ago
After so many feathers have been spilled, the war is finally over and a friendship is rekindled. #Community #Pillows #Blankets ...
 Look At His Shadow! - Community (Episode Highlight) Community
7 months ago
Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) can't handle Winger (Joel McHale) in aviators... » Subscribe for More: » Stream ...
 Jeff And Annie's Gravity Moment - Community (Episode Highlight) Community
7 months ago
Annie (Alison Brie) tries to show the group what's been happening between Jeff (Joel McHale) and herself, through long looks ...
 Pierce & Shirley Go To Court | Community Community
3 months ago
After squabbling over a contract to do with their new business venture, Pierce and Shirley lawyer up and go to court. #Community ...
 Jeff & Britta's Sexual Tension | Community Community
4 months ago
The study group is getting tired of Jeff and Britta's blatant and annoying sexual tension. #Community #Tension #Paintball Watch ...
 Jeff And Troy Talk Football - Community Community
a months ago
After being blackmailed by the dean (Jim Rash), Jeff (Joel McHale) is forced to attempt to convince Troy (Donald Glover) to join ...
 Community Best Jeff Winger Speech Troy Barnes
6 years ago
The speech Jeff Winger gave at the end of the Community episode Paradigms of Human Memory (S02E21). I do not own this ...
 Community - Professor Professorson countcritic
2 years ago
I don't know! [S2E09 - Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design]
 Jeff & Annie - Let Love In Crazygreg757
4 years ago
Had to make a new video in the wake of the S6 finale. Hope you like it! Clips are from the TV show Community, distributed by ...
 Jeff Winger meets his dad shesmah1
6 years ago
this is a clip from Community, when Jeff met his father, the first time he opened up his heart and talk out the pain. this scene made ...
 Jeff Winger on Religion Eric Robert
8 years ago
Jeff Winger describes his view on religion.
 Jeff Winger Makes A Lot of Speeches thanatos101b
9 years ago
We've known each other for almost two years now. And yeah, in that time, I've given a lot of speeches. But they all have one thing ...
 Jeff Winger Speech - S3 E22 Emperor Putin
2 years ago
I do not own anything. This video was merely uploaded as an analysis of Keff Winger from 'Community'.
 Community - Jeff and Annie's Timelines ScrubsCommunityPRFan
8 years ago
Jeff and Annie in the different timelines from the episode "Remedial Chaos Theory" Copyright to NBC.
 Britta's Marrying Jeffrey Winger skeevystevie
9 years ago
A wonderful adaptation of a beautiful song.
 Episode #1 - The Darkest Timeline The Darkest Timeline with Ken Jeong & Joel McHale
1 months ago
Quarantined from their homes. Joel and Ken sit down to FaceTime one another for the inaugural episode of their new podcast ...
 Community - Jeff's panty collection tvgirl17
6 years ago
From season 5, episode 4 - "Cooperative Polygraphy"
 Community - Jeff Winger in "An Important Lesson" nawtytoonice
8 years ago
Short animation of Jeff Winger in "An Important Lesson"
 I Hereby Pronounce Us A Community | Community Community
7 months ago
The first of many Jeff Winger monologues...they're just so moving and inspirational. #Jeff #Monologue #Community Watch full ...
 Jeff Winger and Dean Pelton Barash83
8 years ago
Even his shadow!!! Even his shadow!!!
 Annie punches Jeff Jason
7 years ago
Britta and jeff get engaged trying to get the other to crack and Annie gets furious!!!
 Jeff Winger audition "The real world" _ Community 2x17 blablamoi
9 years ago
Jeff Winger audition the real world.
 Community Season 5: JOEL MCHALE "Jeff Winger" Premiere Episode Interview ScreenSlam
6 years ago
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 Community JEFF WINGER Funko Pop review John Carlos McMaster
11 months ago
Unboxing & review of Jeff Winger Community Funko Pop! vinyl figure. by John Carlos McMaster. Follow me on: ...
 Jeff And Britta’s First Encounter | Community Community
7 months ago
Jeff tries to put the moves on Britta by saying he's a Spanish tutor. I sleep late Spanish, one more hour, do not scratch my car. #Jeff ...