How to make gimbap (aka kimbap: 김밥) Maangchi
5 years ago
Full recipe: Gimbap is a delicious Korean seaweed and rice roll that's perfect for picnics ...
 How to make Kimbap Future Neighbor
2 years ago
Need Korean Ingredients? View written recipe: And subscribe: ...
 5 Lunchable Fusion KIMBAP for hungry #BuzyBeez | HONEYSUCKLE Honeysuckle
2 years ago
Bakery vs Homemade MATCHA MOCHI CAKE: Let's roll and eat 5 Kimbap, or KIMBAPZ for you ...
 Gimbap (Kimbap) Seonkyoung Longest
3 years ago
Gimbap(Kimbap) is the most popular picnic food in Korea. As sandwich or pizza, gimbap doesn't have rules for filling, so have fun ...
 Drug Gimbap/Mini Kimbap Seonkyoung Longest
4 years ago
The ingredients in this gimbap is only 3 kinds and no animal product/protein inside, so it's perfect vegetarian and vegan menu!
 How To Make Quick & Tasty Kimbap Vibrant Journeys
4 years ago
Our favorite thing to make when on the go, and in need of something quick and tasty. Enjoy! Check out my vlogging channel for ...
 How I make Kimbap 김밥 itsTeodore
1 years ago
Music: "Teddy Bear Waltz" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...
 NUCLEAR TUNA KIMBAP SUSHI ROLL COOKING RECIPE! 불참치 김밥 | Authentic Korean Cooking MissMangoButt
5 months ago
 Josh's Favorite Korean Pork Belly Kimbap!!! 국가비GabieKook
1 years ago
Josh loves Kimbap. It's easy, it's cheap to get in Korea, it's good for a meal or a snack. But did he ever try to make one ...
 Bulgogi Kimbap [Wife's Cuisine] 아내의 식탁 Wife's Cuisine
1 years ago
Kimbap’s beautiful circular surface with fully filled various ingredients always makes people happy. This time, we’re going ...
 AVENGERS Actors React to Korean Food!! 영국남자 Korean Englishman
1 years ago
Benedict Cumberbatch tries Kimbap for the first time, Pom Klementieff is mind blown by Korean pears, Tom Holland falls in love ...
 Bibimbap (비빔밥) & Dolsot-bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥) Maangchi
3 years ago
Today's recipe is bibimbap, a super-popular Korean dish you might have heard about already! It's made of a bowl of rice, sautéed ...
 How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치) Maangchi
9 years ago
How to make easy kimchi ("mak kimchi" in Korean). full recipe: It's made with small ...
 Korean Egg Roll: Ultimate egg roll recipe 계란말이 Hungry Gopher
4 years ago
Blog post, For complete recipe, ...
 Tuna Gimbap (참치 김밥) Recipe: Season 4, Ep. 11- Chef Julie Yoon Chef Julie Yoon
3 years ago
I've had Gimbap, or Korean Rice Rolls, with canned tuna before, but it was when I ate them in Korea that I found a true ...
 [Eng Sub]紫菜包饭 How to Make Korean Kimbap 曼食慢语 Amanda Tastes
5 years ago
完整菜谱请移步 天气已经热起来了,紫菜包饭是道冷食,味道不刺激,清清淡淡的很顺口, ...
 Instant Gimjbap for 18 years! Build like a mountain and surprise the boss kimbap mukbang 야식이
2 days ago
# Instant Gimbap # ten thousand won # 10 line Thank you for subscribing! Instant kimbap for 18 years 1,000 won ?? 10 stacks ...
 Spicy Raw Pollack Salad Kimbap / Korean Street Food / Sokcho Central Market, Sokcho Korea 푸디보이 FoodieBoy
5 months ago
Spicy Raw Pollack Salad Kimbap 5000 KRW (USD 4.5) Korean Street Food / Sokcho Central Market, Sokcho Korea.
 Pork Belly Kimbap / Korean Street Food / Nambu Night Market, Jeonju Korea 푸디보이 FoodieBoy
1 years ago
Pork Belly Kimbap 5000 KRW (USD 4.4) Korean Street Food / Nambu Night Market, Jeonju Korea.
 ASMR *No Talking | KIMBAP 김밥 EATING SOUNDS | N.E Lets Eat N.E Let's Eat
1 years ago
HI FAMJAM! It's so much better eating Kimbap this way!! So delicious and I just love the biting sounds of the seaweed :) Hope you ...
 Kimbap with Burdock / Korean Street Food / Seongdong Market, Gyeongju Korea 푸디보이 FoodieBoy
2 years ago
Kimbap with Burdock 1 EA / 2000 KRW (USD 1.8) Korean Street Food / Seongdong Market, Gyeongju Korea.
 Korean Addictive KimBap (마약 김밥) | Aeri's Kitchen Aeri's Kitchen
3 years ago
How to Support Aeri: . . . Subscribe, Comment, Like, Try and Share my Videos You can also support me through my Patreon ...
 Spam and Egg Kimbap EatNowCryLater
2 years ago
Need an easy, mess-free lunch for your kids? How about an after school snack for those hungry kids that rush in the door?
 How to make Kimbap (Gimbap) | Lunch Box Ideas | Kimbap recipe Gochujang Mamá
10 months ago
Today I make my son's favorite kimbap. I also thought I'd share an easy and delicious back to school idea. This also makes a good ...
 Kimbap with Lobster (Gimbap:랍스터 김밥) Maangchi
4 years ago
Full recipe: On a recent trip to Maine I made Korean seaweed rice rolls (gimbap) ...
1 years ago
Cara membuat Kimbap Jangan lupa subscribe, like, comment & share ya teman2,. Follow Instagramku juga ya teman2,.
 Kimbap / Gimbap, Korean Rice Roll | Korean Street Food Tabemono
1 months ago
 Mini Kimbap 꼬마김밥 | Kimchi Everyday | H Mart H Mart
3 years ago
Mini Kimbap is easy to make and surely, fun to eat! They are ideal as a quick lunch, picnic, and even snack. Give it a try today, and ...
 ASMR Korean SUSHI Roll KIMBAP 김밥 먹방 GIMBAP *No Talking* Eating Sounds suellASMR
1 years ago
These kimbaps are typically sliced into little bite-sized sushi cylinders. However, I felt like eating like a monster, so I made a giant ...
 Hmart meets Rock chef / Flower Kimbap Recipe H Mart
1 years ago
Hmart meets Chef Rockhoon Kim travels the world introducing incredible looking kimbap! Check out his story and beautiful ...
 How to Make Gimbap (Kimbap): 6 Authentic Variations + 4 Crazy Fusion Variations Crazy Korean Cooking
5 years ago
Get Gimbap Ingredients and other Korean groceries delivered to your door at ...
 Korean Spicy Rice Cake Long NOODLES! 떡볶이 + Nuclear Kimbap MUKBANG | Eating Show Stephanie Soo
5 months ago
Korean Spicy Rice Cake Long NOODLES! 떡볶이 + Nuclear Kimbap MUKBANG | Eating Show Tuna Kimbap Cooking Recipe ...
6 months ago
Spicy Rice Cakes and Kimbap Mukbang ft. Jenn Im Coldest Giveaway Shop The Coldest ...
 Tuna kimbap/ 참치김밥 Amin Kitchen
3 months ago
Welcome to Amin Kitchen Ingredients: Rice Sesame oil Dried seaweed Cucumber Carrot Crab stick Imitation 2 eggs Tuna Salt ...
2 years ago
After so many requests I finally got this video up!!! I've had this footage for over a month now on my computer and now that ...
 Spicy Noodles & Kimbap | Sister Mukbang |N.E Let's Eat N.E Let's Eat
6 months ago
Hi FamJam!! This was such a fun video! We hoped that you laughed with us lol. We seriously were both sweating like crazy haha!
 How to Make Korean Traditional Kimbap (김밥) EasyKoreanFood
6 years ago
Ingredients for Korean Traditional Kimbap: (김밥: "geehm-bahp") 3 cups cooked rice 10 oz. spinach 1 1/2 cups ground beef 4 ...
 How to Make Easy Vegetarian Kimbap (Korean Seaweed Rice Roll) 야채 김밥 Gilded Gingerbread
1 years ago
In this video I will show you how to make my easy Vegetarian Kimbap (Korean Seaweed Rice Roll) 야채 김밥. Delicious fresh ...
 Ajak anak-anak camping di Korea | Korea + Indonesia Family Vlog Kimbab Family
Untuk pertama kalinya kami ajak anak-anak camping, dan ini juga pertama kalinya kami buat video berdurasi lebih dari 20 menit ...
 Paano gumawa nang Kimbap (easy recipe) philippines mardzvlogs
8 months ago
Hello mga langga, sa mga gustong matutong gumawa ng famous korean snack "kimbap" nandito na po ang aming easy recipe ...
 Tuna Kimbap 참치김밥만들기 | DIANE COOKS A Korean Girl Eats
3 years ago
If you guys haven't seen my bulgogi kimbap video, I recommend you watching that first because it shows how to make it in a more ...
17 days ago
Cheesy Nuclear Fire Noodles and Kimbap Mukbang. Watch me eat super cheesy nuclear fire noodles and kimbap with a side of ...
 [COOKAT] Fiery Tuna Kimbap COOKAT
24 days ago
Who's crazy about spicy food?! [Fiery Tuna Kimbap] ▫ INGREDIENTS: 3 Rice, 3Tbsp hot pepper, 2Tbsp sesame oil, 2Tsp salt, ...
 KIMBAP EL SUSHI COREANOㅣSuper Receta Cocinando Corea
4 months ago
INGREDIENTES -Zanahoria 1 pza. -Espinaca 1 manojo. (sal y aceite de ajonjolí) -Danmuji (nabo fermentado) 1/2 pza. -Surimi 2 ...
 How to roll your own kimbap (김밥) Amy Kim
6 years ago
Kimchi Mom is a food blog of recipes and stories from a Korean American kitchen. Kimbap (literally translated: seaweed rice) ...
 Black Bean Noodles, Spicy Rice Cakes & Kimbap! Korean Food Mukbang • Eating Show Peggie Neo
1 years ago
Eating Korean food!! In this video I cooked and ate some instant black bean noodles, Korean spicy rice cakes (aka Ddeokbokki or ...
 Gimbap (Kimbap): Kimbap Recipe 김밥 Hungry Gopher
5 years ago
For complete recipe, visit For Korean radish pickle ...
 Quick and easy homemade kimbap without rolling mat Libiya Gurung
5 years ago
This is my simple and quick way of making kimbap with the help of plastic wrap. hope its helpful to you guys. MUSIC- BIN SAKE ...
 Party of One - Samgyeopsal Kimbap! Future Neighbor
3 months ago
Golden Queen Rice: View written recipe: ...
 Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Món Kimbap Chiên Tại Nhà Với #Feedy | Feedy VN Feedy VN
2 years ago
Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Món Kimbap Chiên Tại Nhà Với #Feedy | Feedy VN Đăng kí theo dõi kênh: ...
 ¡COCINAMOS el TRADICIONAL platillo coreano KIMBAP! Goods TV
Hola Amigoods! El día de hoy nos enseñan a preparar Kimbap para que ustedes también lo preparen en casa. Si se animaron a ...
 Triangle kimbap (samgak kimbap:삼각김밥) Maangchi
10 years ago
How to make this delicious Korean snack. Full recipe is on my website: ...
3 years ago
 Thánh ăn hàn quốc mukbang - Ăn tokbokki và kimbap quá ngon nhìn cực thèm thánh ăn mukbang
3 months ago
Kênh chuyên về thánh ăn hàn quốc mukbang . Ăn những thứ như bánh,thịt sống,kimchi v.v... Fanpage của kênh ...
2 years ago
Korean Sushi Roll aka Kimbap Mukbang! Watch me eat a variety of Korean sushi rolls aka kimbap with kimchi and pickled radish.