3 SCARY GAMES #42 Markiplier
13 hours ago
3 Scary Games is back and it's a super safe space where nothing is wrong and no one is after you and no one is behind you...
 ZOMBIES IN YOUR FACE!! | The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Markiplier
The Walking Dead came out with an awesome new VR game! It's tons of fun and lets you get really really REALLY uncomfortably ...
 Sour Patch Kids Sent Me a "PERSONALIZED" Gift Box Markiplier
3 days ago
As THE Sour Patch Kids review channel, it's only fitting for Mr. Sour Patch himself to send me a personalized gift box. First it's ...
 Granny Chapter 2 FULL GAME Markiplier
25 days ago
Granny Chapter 2 has been BEATEN!! Although before it did Granny made sure to mess with me as much as inhumanly possible.
 Markiplier Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit Bon Appétit
1 months ago
Markiplier visits the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make Eggs In Purgatory with Carla Music. Can he follow along using verbal ...
 I AM LITERALLY THE GRIM REAPER | Death and Taxes Markiplier
6 days ago
But also I'm kind of an accountant... This indie game is awesome and full of life or death situations and choices! MY COMFY ...
 Chickens Teach Us About Life and Death Unus Annus
9 hours ago
The eternal question: what came first? Life? Or Death? Fiona helps guide us towards The Truth. Backyard Chicken Experience ...
18 days ago
In GTFO there's a time for sneakin' and there's a time for SHOOTING LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN OUR ARSENAL ALL AT ONCE ...
 SURPRISINGLY SCARY | A Girl's Fabric Face Markiplier
17 days ago
From the creator of Suite 776 comes their first game A Girl's Fabric Face which is also spooky scary with a lot of cool features!
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #23 Markiplier
3 months ago
IT'S OUT NOW ya HEATHENS ▻ Try Not To Laugh si BACK!! Do I win the ...
 we're not getting out alive... | GTFO Part 1 Markiplier
1 months ago
GTFO is an incredible multiplayer horror game that takes you to depths you never knew you didn't want to see.
 VR is BEAUTIFUL with BONES | Boneworks Markiplier
15 days ago
Boneworks is an incredible achievement in the world of VR. It's physics simulations are top notch in making you feel like you're ...
 Escape the Ayuwoki: Steam Edition - Part 1 Markiplier
26 days ago
Escape the Ayuwoki has had it's full release on Steam! What new horrors await us as we run away from the dread Ayuwoki?
 it feels good to be this good Markiplier
8 days ago
Apex Season 4 is out - DOWNLOAD HERE ▻ #SponsoredByEA Nothing bad will happen. You have ...
 HI HO! HI HO! It's Off to WUMP We Go! | GTFO Part 5 Markiplier
5 days ago
We're getting close to the end of Rundown 1 in GTFO! How evil does it get down here?
 WARNING: EXTRA BRUTAL | Whack the Serial Killer Markiplier
6 months ago
A "Whacking" game? In 2019? WHAT TIMELINE ARE WE IN?! MY COMFY CLOTHES ▻ Play the Game ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #41 Markiplier
9 days ago
3 Scary Games includes a movie in the snowy forest, an SCP game, and a game of ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES!! NotTacoTuesday ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #40 Markiplier
19 days ago
3 Scary Games has even more delicious spooky goodness to give you! NotTacoTuesday ▻▻ EDITED BY ...
 360 VIDEO | Let's Play Minecraft | Part 1 Markiplier
2 years ago
360 Video Technology is the FUTURE!! So everyone get ready to embrace the future with the world's first 360 Let's Play of Vanilla ...
 Markiplier Animated | YANDERE SIMULATOR Markiplier
4 years ago
Yandere Simulator has been animated by GrittySugar! MORE Animations ▻ Made By ...
 What Markiplier is like in REAL LIFE *When Not Recording Games* Dillon The Hacker
1 years ago
UPDATE (4.3.19) - Markiplier is SUING me: UPDATE (4.5.19) - Calling Markiplier: ...
 DOOM Eternal's Game Director BROKE INTO MY HOUSE and FORCED Me to Play!! Markiplier
4 days ago
I can hardly believe it. The game director of iD Software Hugo Martin along with accomplice Sean Baptiste came to my house and ...
 Markiplier Explores His Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED WIRED
2 months ago
What kind of impact has Markiplier had on the internet? WIRED combs the web for data about Markiplier and presents all the ...
1 months ago
Looks like you're going to the shadow realm, Wade-o. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ▻ ...
 Markiplier Animated | WORLD'S 2nd QUIETEST LET'S PLAY Markiplier
3 years ago
The Clown has returned in this insane animated adventure about the world's 2nd quietest let's play! Made By ...
12 days ago
We are talking about this RIGHT NOW!! Get in here or you are SO GROUNDED!!
 Markiplier Lied to His Mom About Becoming a YouTuber Late Night with Seth Meyers
3 months ago
Markiplier tells the story of how he became a YouTuber and talks about what kind of content he likes to make and A Heist with ...
1 years ago
After the MEME adventures with Shrek I thought it was time to return to a classic of my channel... SPONGEBOB HORROR GAMES!
 I'M "FLEE" FALLING (i'm not sorry...) | Fleeing the Complex Markiplier
4 years ago
Fleeing the Complex is one of the FUNNIEST games I've played in a long time! Also I got ALL medals, ALL secrets, and ALL ...
 MARKIPLIER GOT GOOD?! | Golf It MEGA Episode Markiplier
2 years ago
Could Markiplier FINALLY be good at a golf with your friends game? Subscribe Today! ▻ Wade ...
 Baldi's Basics FULL GAME Markiplier
1 years ago
GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!! Or stay and learn in Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning! GET TICKETS HERE ...
 ACTUALLY REALLY SCARY | Suite 776 Markiplier
2 months ago
This game is legit scary. I didn't know what to expect going into it but I'm so happy I gave it a try because it's got scares for DAYS!
1 years ago
The Hash-Slinging Slasher is knocking on your door tonight... will you be able to protect the Krusty Krab from his HORRIBLE ...
 Markiplier Animated | GETTING OVER IT Markiplier
1 years ago
GrittySugar (Steff Egan) has made this WONDERFUL animation of Getting Over It! MADE BY GrittySugar ...
 10 Strange Amazon Products Ethan Bought Mark Because He Doesn't Know How to Spend Money Responsibly Unus Annus
Ethan bought Mark some gifts. Mark does not know why. Ethan does not even know what the gifts are. This is a lesson on how not ...
 Baldi's Basics SECRET ENDING Markiplier
1 years ago
You shouldn't have come back... why did you have to come back... GET TICKETS HERE ▻ Subscribe ...
 One Hour With Mr. Hopp Markiplier
1 months ago
Mr. Hopps Playhouse was a terrifying horror game that brought a horrifying new creature to the forefront of our nightmares... LET'S ...
 One Hour With Mr. Hopp Markiplier
1 months ago
Mr. Hopps Playhouse was a terrifying horror game that brought a horrifying new creature to the forefront of our nightmares... LET'S ...
 MARKIPLIER IS A QUEEN!! | Sort the Court UPDATED AGAIN Markiplier
1 years ago
Sort the Court received a HUGE update with new visitors, new kings, and a true ending! Let's see what we can mess up this time!
 I LITERALLY THROW A CHAIR IN RAGE | Getting Over It - Part 1 Markiplier
2 years ago
As some of you may know... I don't do well with RAGE games. You may also be wondering how Getting Over it (from the maker of ...
 SCP Needs Your Help Markiplier
21 days ago
The SCP Foundation is being threatened by a man attempting to claim a trademark on the collective work of hundreds of authors ...
 LAUGHING TIL IT HURTS | Crashworld Markiplier
2 years ago
Crashworld is the FUNNIEST GAME I've play in a long long time. The right mix of Grand Theft Auto, hilarious physics, and insane ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #36 Markiplier
1 months ago
Don't Open Your Eyes and Make Sure It's Closed (your bedroom door) as your RUN TO NOWHERE and spend The Visit to your ...
 I Am Fish Markiplier
2 months ago
SEAN'S BIG MISTAKE ▻▻ From the creator's of I Am Bread comes the next big rage-inducing game.
 BLAIR WITCH Part 1 Markiplier
5 months ago
BLAIR WITCH the movie is now BLAIR WITCH the game with an all new story set in the very same woods that changed the face of ...
 KNEE-DEEP IN THE DEAD | DOOM - Part 1 Markiplier
3 years ago
It's such a joy to be playing DOOM again! The original game was one of the first games I've ever played and this is bringing back a ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #39 Markiplier
29 days ago
THE FUTURE WAS NOW ▻▻ 3 Scary Games returns with some of the spookiest spooks that ever ...
 The *NEW* Worst Game on Steam (3% positive reviews...) Markiplier
1 months ago
In 2019 I thought that I had found the worst game on Steam. I thought it couldn't get any worse... I was wrong. Not only is this a ...
 Five Nights at Freddy's GMOD Map Markiplier
5 years ago
Five Nights at Freddy's has been recreated in a Gmod Horror Map! MORE Freddy's ...
 CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! | Google Feud Markiplier
3 years ago
I got extra giggly during Google Feud to the point where I was laughing at the stupidest things... Subscribe Today!
 Everything Markiplier Does in a Day | Vanity Fair Vanity Fair
2 months ago
Markiplier takes us through everything he does in a typical day, from planning interactive YouTube story 'A HEIST WITH ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #16 Markiplier
1 years ago
The new game Alien: Blackout is here! Let's see if a mobile game can keep up with the Alien franchise! Download Alien: Blackout: ...
 Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 1 Markiplier
8 months ago
Five Nights at Freddy's is BACK in TERRIFYING VR!! Seriously... this is the scariest game I've played in a long time! MORE FNAF ...
 kinda scary... | ANATOMY Markiplier
1 months ago
This game is a little spooky... Just a little bit... Some minor spook... Scary Games Playlist ...
 Markiplier Tries: TOBii EYE TRACKER Markiplier
1 years ago
I got myself a Tobii Eye Tracker! So obviously my first instinct was to set myself up with a challenge to see what I'd look at!
 Markiplier Animated - HELP WANTED Eric Striler Animations
7 months ago
Markiplier faces Freddy and the gang like never before, in Virtual Reality and boy howdy, is it scary! Can you find the 7 hidden ...
 A Heist with Markiplier Markiplier
3 months ago
Everything's finally ready so just stick to the plan and you'll do great! You do remember the plan... right? All Sneaky Like ...