University Challenge S44E12 Durham vs Brasenose-Oxford psimanjuntak
4 years ago
University of Durham vs Brasenose College - Oxford. Aired 6.10.2014. The worst so far.
 University Challenge S44E12 Durham vs Brasenose-Oxford hardlinerap
1 years ago
The pressure is increasing as the quarter-finals continue. First shown: 9 Mar 2015. University of Durham vs Brasenose College ...
 University Challenge S44E13 Corpus Christi - Cambridge vs York psimanjuntak
4 years ago
This time, Corpus Christi College of Cambridge meets University of York. First aired 13.10.2014 (I know, my mistake for mulling ...
 THE WORST UNI FRESHMAN YEAR EVER !!| got played | two physical fights | terrible roommates | JODEL Ama Governor
1 years ago
CAN YOU RELATE TO THIS STORYTIME IN ANYWAY? Hey people! Thank you for watching my very FIRST video . I hope you ...
 University Challenge S47E03 Southampton vs Cardiff psimanjuntak
1 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the delay in uploading, but as I expected last week, these three days have been really busy.
 University Challenge S44E14 Pembroke-Cambrdige vs Magdalen-Oxford psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Pembroke College of Cambridge going against Magdalen College of Oxford. Original air date 20.10.2014.
 University Challenge S44E02 Oxford Brookes vs Jesus-Oxford psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Second match, Oxford Brooks meets Jesus College.
 University Challenge S44E11 Exeter vs UCL psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Here is University of Exeter vs University College London, 29.5.2014. Sorry for the missing last two weeks.
 University Challenge S43E25 Trinity, Cambridge vs Manchester scum
5 years ago
25/37 In the first of the quarter-finals, two student teams fight it out to reach the next stage.
9 months ago
Oxvlog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oxvlog/ Tucker's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tuckerworld/ The University ...
 University Challenge S46E06 Emmanuel-Cambridge vs Nottingham psimanjuntak
2 years ago
I actually have a theory: All but finitely many of UC matches have at least a student studying maths. Today's match is an ...
 University Challenge S44E04 St Anne's - Oxford vs Gonville & Caius - Cambridge psimanjuntak
4 years ago
St Anne's College vs Gonville & Caius. Sorry for the delay, but BBC decided not to put new episode last week.
 I cant help but think of you Ashley Bailey [Official]
1 years ago
S44 - E12 Welcome back to Joseph Vlogs, I hope you enjoyed my video and to all my fans your the best make sure to check out ...
 University Challenge S45E05 - The University of Nottingham vs The University of Swansea scum
3 years ago
Another battle for a place in the second round. English Subtitles/ CC 2015 / 2016 Series First shown: 10 Aug 2015.
 University Challenge 2018/19 E17: St Peter's - Oxford v Emmanuel - Cambridge Ovid
3 months ago
University Challenge E17. St Peter's College, Oxford v Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Jeremy Paxman. 19 Nov 2018.
 University Challenge S44E06 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine vs LSE TX
4 years ago
University Challenge Season 44 Episode 06 London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine vs LSE Notice how Legrand looks at ...
 University Challenge S44E01 Manchester vs Selwyn-Cambridge psimanjuntak
4 years ago
After waiting somebody kind enough to upload the episodes for years, I decided to do it myself this year. The first of the 2014-2015 ...
 University Challenge S45E02 Liverpool vs St. Peter's - Oxford psimanjuntak
3 years ago
On the first episode of Oxbridge versus 'The Rest of Them", we have Liverpool University playing St. Peter's College, Oxford.
 University Challenge S44E08 Glasgow vs Bath psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Bath University vs Glasgow University. As usual, things need some time before it gets going.
 University Challenge S44E25 psimanjuntak
4 years ago
First of the 1/8th final (or third round), we have Bristol University against Liverpool University. Mind you, every team need two wins ...
 Happy Valentin's Special 2019 || FreeTube World FreeTube World
7 days ago
Happy Valentin's Special 2019 || FreeTube World Thanks for Watching, Please Subscribe Now Our Channel, S U B S C R I B E  ...
 University Challenge - Christmas 2014 E07 Manchester Metro Uni vs Goldsmiths, Uni of London scum
4 years ago
In the final first round match actors Bernard Hill (Yosser Hughes in Boys from the Blackstuff) and John Thomson from Manchester ...
 University Challenge - Christmas 2014 E06 University of York vs University of Surrey scum
4 years ago
In another first round match the University of York with writer and broadcaster Adam Hart-Davis and archaeologist Helen Geake, ...
 University Challenge S44E24 Oxford Brookes vs UCL psimanjuntak
4 years ago
This is the last of the second round, so by next week, we'll see the remaining eight teams. This week, we have Oxford Brookes ...
 University Challenge S44E19 Magdalen-Cambridge vs Open University psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Third of the (so far) convincing second rounds, we have Magadalen College of Cambridge against Open University. Original air ...
 University Challenge - Christmas 2018 E01 Brasenose, Oxford vs. Bristol scum
1 months ago
Which of the non-job planks this year will get most confused over the no conferring on starter questions rule? Best bet one of the ...
 University Challenge S46E01 Sheffield vs Bristol psimanjuntak
2 years ago
As the summer passed its halfway mark, we enter another quizzing season! Only Connect still fights to live another day (or series) ...
 University Challenge S48E8 Edinburgh - Sidney Sussex - Cambridge psimanjuntak
5 months ago
This week's match is between Edinburgh University and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Original air date 10.9.2018.
 University Challenge S44E34 Liverpool vs Durham scum
3 years ago
The last of the quarter-finals. 34/37 Subtitles/CC: English (United Kingdom) First shown: 23 Mar 2015.
 University Challenge S44E15 LSE vs Open psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Aired just yesterday (27.10.2014), this is the first of the highest scoring losers in the first round. We've got London School of ...
 University Challenge S44E07 Sheffield vs Liverpool psimanjuntak
4 years ago
From 2.9.2014, we have Sheffield University vs Liverpool University. Starts out well, though withering later.
 University Challenge S45E08 - University of Sussex vs Queen's University, Belfast. scum
3 years ago
For goodness' sake , don't just sit there with your mouth open - at least shout out an educated guess... First shown 31 Aug 2015.
 Linda Tropp - Intergroup Contact The Brainwaves Video Anthology
2 months ago
Dr. Tropp's research focuses on expectations and outcomes of intergroup contact, identification with social groups, interpretations ...
 University Challenge 2018-19 - Episode 3 - Pembroke vs. Downing (S48E03) IDreamOfPaxman
6 months ago
University Challenge S48E03 - Pembroke vs. Downing. Original air date: 7/30/2018. Copyright owned and viewing here ...
9 months ago
About me: I'm Tucker, an American fresher studying Philosophy and Linguistics at Brasenose College in the University of Oxford.
 Welcome to Durham! Durham University Singapore Society
2 years ago
Welcome to Durham University, a collegiate public research university located in Durham, North-east England. This video is part ...
 University Challenge S44E27 Durham vs Gonville & Caius - Cambridge psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Third (or whatever) installment of the third round, we have Durham University against Gonville & Caius College - Cambridge.
 Halsey - Sorority Pledge Skit - SNL (Season 44 Episode 12) THE KINGDOM
6 days ago
Halsey - Sorority Pledge Skit - SNL (Season 44 Episode 12) Can you add the subtitles of your own language to make the video ...
 University Challenge S43E3 Trinity, Cambridge vs Christ Church, Oxford Makoy Yakoy
5 years ago
The third of the first round matches in this year's University Challenge (Series 43). Hope you enjoy it! I do not own this video.
 University Challenge S44E20 Gonville & Caius, Cambridge vs Manchester psimanjuntak
4 years ago
Fourth in second round, we have Gonville & Caius College - Cambridge vs University of Manchester. Original air date 1.12.2014.
 University Challenge S44E23 Selwyn - Cambridge vs St Peter's - Oxford psimanjuntak
4 years ago
The first regular episode after the Christmas season special, which may or may not be uploaded (I'm still thinking on it), we have ...
 University Challenge S45E04 - University of Manchester vs University of York scum
3 years ago
English Subtitles/ CC 2015 / 2016 Series First shown: 3 Aug 2015 Jeremy Paxman asks the questions in the quiz series for ...