5 Shocking Fishing Moments Caught On Camera 2018! #2

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
  • 5 Shocking Fishing Moments Caught On Camera 2018! #2

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  • Aldemir Abreu Pereira Abreu

    Sorry ! What did happen before the roundy booty gorgeous blonde catch her fish ? I was absent- minded looking at her tiny thong !

  • Billy Russell
    Billy Russell  7 days ago

    Fuck the fish, I wanna see her bent over the side of the boat!!!!

  •  7 days ago

    That last video Was the best. I can watch that girl catch my eyes all day everyday.

  • C Man
    C Man  7 days ago

    skip to 4:50 for the reason you clicked

  • R rgiaramsingh@gmail.com
    R  7 days ago

    Hmm catches fish then let's it go don't really understand the scenario there

  • Wil Jones
    Wil Jones  14 days ago

    All those stupid fuckers fawning over the dumb Bint at the end.

  • Timi Kärkkäinen
    Timi Kärkkäinen  21 days ago

    Her ass is shocking

    RV CRUZA  21 days ago

    He told that girl to use her back, what? Use that ass girl 🤣😋🤤

  • Urbano Manipon
    Urbano Manipon  21 days ago

    Just because fish swim in schools don't mean they're smart .

  • Urbano Manipon
    Urbano Manipon  21 days ago

    Just because fish swim in schools don't mean they're smart .

  • Stoney McGee
    Stoney McGee  28 days ago

    Nice ass

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez  1 months ago

    Si escupo pierdo

  • Cobone
    Cobone  1 months ago +1

    Nice ass at the end..LOL..

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42  1 months ago

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  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42  1 months ago

    fishing, even "catch and release" causes a lot of pain and stress to fish.
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  • ぼう太郎 Fishing channel

    It was a very good animation. Thank you very much

  • David R.
    David R.  1 months ago


  • Larry James Gamble
    Larry James Gamble  1 months ago

    Of course #1 is Pretty in pink lol

  • Danny Setiawan
    Danny Setiawan  1 months ago

    thank god, it was`t click bait ................. :D

  • Carter Beckham
    Carter Beckham  1 months ago

    Uhhhh yeah that fish that girl caught was so pretty 👀