Happy Tree Friends TV Series Eleventh Hour

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 17, 2015
  • Can Flaky overcome her fear of flying in time to land an out-of-control airplane? Stow your tray table and put your seats in an upright position and find out what color Mime’s parachute is. Will the ant family survive against Sniffles’ Robo Ant? Disco Bear’s famous ‘fro gets an unfriendly cut from Barber Mole! This episode might put hair on your chest but will it put hair back on Disco Bear’s head? Working hard for his money, Mime asks how much is that unicycle in the window?
    11.1 Look before you leap!
    11.2 Don't make a mountain out of an ant-hill!
    11.3 Don't split hairs!
    11.4 Keep your nose to the grindstone