3 SATISFIED MEN | Satisfactory #1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 30, 2019
  • Bob, Wade, and I venture into the wonderful world of Satisfactory and try to build something!
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  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed  16 hours ago

    Why so serious bobby boy?? Relax a bit bud

  • Rebecca Morgal
    Rebecca Morgal  17 hours ago

    I wish they continue this as a series

  • Dexter Millington

    Mark:I love this chicken

  • Hellheart
    Hellheart  2 days ago

    My parents could hear this and asked if i was watching a Markiplier porno and I had to explain what was happening and I just... "This is about normal for this group, mom. I dont know what to tell you"

  • Exia mk II
    Exia mk II  2 days ago

    Is this on steam?

  • reagan eltus
    reagan eltus  3 days ago

    10% of the video is them dong stuff productive and 90% of it is them talking about cumcrete

  • Daymusik
    Daymusik  3 days ago

    I just wanted to leave an update:

    I've shown my family this video. Now, my mother, my sister, and I communicate in public by saying "You suck" and awaiting a reply from the other.

  • Mighty Lion511
    Mighty Lion511  5 days ago


  • Jaden Smith
    Jaden Smith  5 days ago


    wade: this thing spit fire.... i got there deathstar

  • Bryce Ratcliffe
    Bryce Ratcliffe  6 days ago

    saw the "thing" at the start and thought, "wait.. but this isn't spore, is it?"
    Edit: 2:00 thanks bob

  • Sarah Ames
    Sarah Ames  6 days ago

    how about you don't talk about your funerals!
    edit: I'm not ready for that

  • Cattypat
    Cattypat  7 days ago +1

    This game is alot like Subnautica, I wonder if it will be as popular as Subnautica.

  • Dawson Banman
    Dawson Banman  7 days ago

    14:07 I almost died

  • Trasher
    Trasher  7 days ago

    Every time Amy brings Mark food, my heart melts a little. It's so sweet.

  • NeonFruit
    NeonFruit  7 days ago

    watch from 26:58 and just close your eyes or look away,

  • Killian youngberg
    Killian youngberg  7 days ago +1

    Day 4 of asking Mark for more Barotrauma.

  • WhatMakesMeTik
    WhatMakesMeTik  7 days ago

    i want more of this shit xD

  • Zachary Emoji
    Zachary Emoji  7 days ago

    Are y'all on drugs or what?

  • Cyborg Enderman
    Cyborg Enderman  7 days ago +1

    i expected a markipiler 3some not satisfied post ur porn pls

    just watched vid nvm make that 4 satisfied men

  • Anime God
    Anime God  7 days ago

    Mark please make same more I love the gameplay