Funny Anime Lose Weight 面白いアニメの瘦せる +

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • ▷Time To Watch Anime Characters lose their weights ! (-’_’-)
    By Diet, Sports, Unknown reason.. etc.

    ▷ Animeアニメ:
    Araki Ryuuichi 荒木 竜一
    Area no Kishi エリアの騎士

    Shirobako シロバコ
    Honda Yutaka 本田 豊

    Chihayafuru ちはやふる
    Shinobu Wakamiya 若宮詩暢

    Ginga e Kickoff!!
    Saionji Reika

    Kiss him, not me! 私がモテてどうすんだ
    Kae Serinuma 芹沼 花依,

    YURI!!! ON ICE ユーリ!!! on ICE
    YURI ユーリ

    Shokugeki no soma 食戟のソーマ
    Isami Aldini イサミ・アルディーニ

    Nourin のうりん
    Ringo Kinoshita + Minori Nakazawa 中沢 農 木下 林檎


    ▷ Music音楽
    Intro: Omniscient - Nhato
    Outro: Galantis - You (Psychic Type VIP Remix)

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  • nekojin anime/music
    nekojin anime/music  8 months ago +2182

    (Edit)The Manga APP for free

    If you wonder the first part 😂:
    Btw tell me what you'd like watch next ?

  • 애니메이션!Darin

    Anime :
    loses weight
    After losing weight :
    voice changes
    no more glasses
    does not closes eyes anymore

  • Josalyn Benak
    Josalyn Benak  6 hours ago

    Hpw the heck

  • 柴田奈々ゑ
    柴田奈々ゑ  7 hours ago


  • Kaye 16
    Kaye 16  8 hours ago

    Whats the title of the anime here?

  • WitreX
    WitreX  16 hours ago

    50% of comments are triggered fat people

  • Bear Hello
    Bear Hello  yesterday


  • 舞鶴ちよ
    舞鶴ちよ  yesterday


  • Ally Hatter
    Ally Hatter  2 days ago +1

    Uh... hate to break it to you..
    But bone structure doesn’t change like
    That.. yes I’m talking to you
    2:25... also eyes don’t just magically
    Change shape either.

  • Wat the fung Is this?

    I like chubby and stubby people
    Like if you also do

  • Wat the fung Is this?

    I like chubby Araki Ryuuchi more idk why maybe because I like chubby people

  • ゆゆちそ
    ゆゆちそ  4 days ago +1

  • ゆゆちそ
    ゆゆちそ  4 days ago +1


  • Uu RinbowYT uU
    Uu RinbowYT uU  4 days ago

    Me: It’s those delicious meals you make!
    Her: Stop eating them then!
    Me: make me!

  • hikarii
    hikarii  4 days ago +2

    together we’re... exiting!

  • Kate Jazmin
    Kate Jazmin  6 days ago +1

    they didnt add that part of sting in fairy tail? XD

  • typicallyscarlett

    sometimes I wish I could do this but then I remember how bad that would be and live with myself

  • Mnsterz uwu
    Mnsterz uwu  7 days ago +1

    But there so adorable when there chubby AHHH

  • Starlight Queen
    Starlight Queen  7 days ago +1 come most fat girls have purple hair in anime?

  • Teen #Toya
    Teen #Toya  7 days ago +1

    god i love kansai accent... 1:38 cant take this is too cute for me