Riding Flying Mantas in Satisfactory

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 1, 2019
  • Welcome to Satisfactory Ep. 20! Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Download Satisfactory here: http://bit.ly/SatisfactoryBlitz

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    Satisfactory Gameplay Overview:

    Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

    At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.

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    Satisfactory Gameplay Features:

    Build, Automate, Mine! Build the best factories to go through the research system!

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    Download Satisfactory on Epic Store:

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    Watch The Satisfactory Trailer:


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  • Liam Waite
    Liam Waite  1 months ago

    If you make a container and put the slug in it, then run the belt, remove the container, and close the loop, then you get the slug race track

  • g nome
    g nome  2 months ago

    just you WAIT till u get the mk.5conveyors

  • Alt Alternative
    Alt Alternative  2 months ago

    Make a conveyor belt going to all factories

  • Kacper M
    Kacper M  3 months ago

    In this video you learned the purpose of parachutes

  • Loan Wolf
    Loan Wolf  5 months ago

    14:00 the island in between waterfall one and water fall 2 has a pure cat how ever you spell it ore on it and its closer than your other one

  • johnty fiveofive
    johnty fiveofive  5 months ago

    7:57 me whenever I see a group of 10's

  • Explosify
    Explosify  5 months ago

    Blitz: "im being good for the environment"
    7 episodes later: "I created an automated explosives factory an blew up the earth"

  • Terry Buttle
    Terry Buttle  5 months ago

    At 9:02 you need to put a merger and a storage container put the slug in the containerAnd then put the merger down on the conveyor belt and then delete the merger when the slug is on

  • BPunlimited1337
    BPunlimited1337  6 months ago

    I didnt read all the comments, but your treadmill needs a container to start the loop with: partially build the loop, connect a container to it (directly or through merger) to insert slugs and other crap you want on it, delete container if it's in the way and complete the loop :)

    Edit: now I see it's said before. But hey, nice video anyways :)

  • Pheonix Gaming
    Pheonix Gaming  6 months ago

    Blitz are you playing the experimental version

  • TEC D3M0N
    TEC D3M0N  6 months ago


  • David Jin
    David Jin  6 months ago

    The slugs can go on the conveyor but you cant drop things on conveyer you have to start it by placing storage then remove the storage then you'll have your slime loop :D

  • Salty Rainbowpike
    Salty Rainbowpike  7 months ago

    Everytime Blitz giggles I remember evil Clank

  • Dimitri Edwards
    Dimitri Edwards  7 months ago

    Watching this after building an entire facility to manufacturer super computers... Crafting by hand just feels so wrong. shudders

  • Anthony Cinca
    Anthony Cinca  7 months ago

    Hey man, if you want to have all the resources you need to build a base far away from the main factories, load up a truck with everything you need and drive out to the new site.

  • GangsterBean247
    GangsterBean247  7 months ago

    The way to make that infinite treadmill thing is put the slug in a storage container and feed it into the loop then delete the one conveyor and reconnect the loops then it keeps going around. The only way to put items on a conveyor is placing them in a storage container and connecting the conveyor to it then removing the container.

  • gatekeeper
    gatekeeper  7 months ago

    to make a slug go on a merry go round first place a large container then just one section of belt coming out then when the slug appears delete container and then build rest of the belt

  • TheLollingLoller
    TheLollingLoller  7 months ago

    blitz is blind cant he see that the alternative blueprint for the encased industrial beam is 3 and the normal one is 1

  • X_spectral
    X_spectral  7 months ago

    Nothing is something, but something is nothing, cause nothing is something, like sitting on a couch, you say it’s nothing but really it’s something, so nothing is something

  • SPMasteer
    SPMasteer  7 months ago