SATISFACTORY: 'NEW WORLD' - Part 01 - The Long, Dangerous Journey - Satisfactory Gameplay

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • Satisfactory Gameplay - 'New World' Part 01: We're setting up our new base near the world's edge! A whole new biome makes it seem like a new world! If you want to skip the journey to it, go to 31:40
    The gamplay footage in this video is alpha footage taken pre-early access.

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    Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.

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    All in-game featured in this series comes from the original soundtrack of the game.
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  • LabTech
    LabTech  21 days ago

    I almost swallowed a spider once. Made the mistake of leaving an open drink on my desk before going to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, half-asleep, I took a swig.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) I IMMEDIATELY realized what I'd done just by the mouth-feel, and thankfully there was a trash bin right next to my desk that I was able to spit it into.

  • Stand EZ
    Stand EZ  1 months ago

    Hey, just double click your item to equip it's faster

  • Hans Rivera
    Hans Rivera  6 months ago

    to me, this games is just like subnautica and can you play it

  • yoav bareket
    yoav bareket  8 months ago

    Playlist is backwards for some auto starts episode 2 then goes to 1

  • Harry Mitchell
    Harry Mitchell  8 months ago

    Love it Charlie its like ur in kinda a artic style world great job ur the best be safe boss

  • Dustin McElveen
    Dustin McElveen  8 months ago

    Oh and I love watching the journey as well!! Your play style reminds me a lot of myself.

  • Dustin McElveen
    Dustin McElveen  8 months ago

    Hell yes!! I'm stoked for this. Absolutely love the long vids like this also. Great shit per usual my man!! Peace light and love to you all!

  • Jared Schumaker
    Jared Schumaker  8 months ago +6

    The giant glitchy holographic cats make me more uncomfortable than spiders do.

  • Mandi Rose
    Mandi Rose  8 months ago


  • Hail
    Hail  8 months ago +2

    There is no world map yet, is there?

  • Travis McGarrah
    Travis McGarrah  8 months ago +1

    Just go ahead and release the rest you have. lol

  • sabre051
    sabre051  8 months ago +1

    That arachnophobe mode is a really creative solution.

  • Gigan2014
    Gigan2014  8 months ago +1

    Love it

  • RePlex
    RePlex  8 months ago +1

    Oh no! The alien carapace was deleted when you destroyed the hub

  • TEERTH _
    TEERTH _  8 months ago

    Not Like Other Videos,I Like When You Make Automation,I Didn't Like This One

  • TEERTH _
    TEERTH _  8 months ago

    First One

  • Charlie Pryor
    Charlie Pryor  8 months ago +1

    A much cooler base location! - BTW if you are one of those people who are like "I don't really care to see the journey to the location, just start me there please" - You can skip that fun by going to around 31:40 in the video. There's no way to give people coordinates in the game and there's no map overlay to show, so the only way I can show people where to go if they want to build in the smae location later, is to show the journey. If you don't care about that, skip it. This series was recorded on Twitch, and I hope to have all of its current progress uploaded for you here on YouTube before March 19th, when we will be continuing it through to the late game tiers of tech.