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  • Published on:  Monday, March 11, 2019
  • Today I set up the iron bus for the factory and make a mistake, can you see where?
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    Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies.
    At FICSIT inc. you will take part in the Save the Day program, providing short-term solutions for long-term problems, possibly with the help of your friends.
    Download Satisfactory from the Origin store here: Coming Soon

    Thank you to the devs who were kind enough to share a pre-alpha download with me.
    What’s up guys and gals, I’m Kage848. I love to make videos for Youtube, mostly early access survival games like 7 Days to Die, Empyrion, Raft, Mist Survival, The Forest, and more! I also dabble in City Builders and strategy games like Civilization 5, Civilization 6, Dawn of Man, Stonehearth, Factorio and Rim World. I do at least two videos everyday of mainly tutorials, let’s plays and general gameplay footage. Thanks for watching my videos.
    This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
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  • Jack Meadows
    Jack Meadows  6 months ago

    ...but it sure looks good!

  • Troy Vandeventer
    Troy Vandeventer  7 months ago

    It would be awesome if a bunch of folks got together on Webtalk. @t

  • Christopher swanton
    Christopher swanton  7 months ago +4

    I've played 60 hours on this mate ....believe me you need minimum 6 lines on iron .. when it comes to steel you will need a lot ...a hell of a lot of iron ..rods screws etc and power consumption goes astronomical..trucks a waste of time just very long conveyors and power lines longest was 4.2 km took a long time.....unbelievable game though

  • BinaryKiller
    BinaryKiller  7 months ago

    Hey Kage, you talked about how the CTRL button ruins some of the grid system? Well, here is a little tip, from something I learned, I do see what you mean and I dislike it my self, but what I usually do is this : I hold CTRL to line it up as much as possible, then I release the button so I get back the grid then I place down what I want to place :) There ya go :)

  • Francisco Romero
    Francisco Romero  7 months ago

    Not good balanced .. you need 3 splitter, first with 2 outputs

  • Simon Knibbs
    Simon Knibbs  7 months ago

    I have made this for ratios and stuff. Something I need to get a bit better at:
    Basically, it shows input and output speed for an item. A basic belt 1 can support enough ore for 2 smelters. Just try to avoid splitting multiple times.

  • Natshoun
    Natshoun  7 months ago +1

    You know that you can demolish the pillars after you placed the belts?

  • Bailey Butler
    Bailey Butler  7 months ago

    Because it's done in a game where it doesn't matter.
    That's like automating a creative mode minecraft farm. Casual games aren't worth wasting brain power unless you just can't handle real games.

  • chaosmastermind
    chaosmastermind  8 months ago +4

    You're splitting 1 line into 5.. that can't be good for throughput.
    It's not even even across the 5 lines.. you have 11%/33%/11%/33%/11% coming out of there all from one line.

    Also you seriously need to hollow out the bottom of your base and stop wasting a million foundations .. I mean Jesus Christ. Just put it on poles or at least make the center hollow.
    You could literally hollow it out and live inside it.

  • KwwB
    KwwB  8 months ago +2

    I didn't watch the entire video, but the above belts at the end looks like this. 30/m iron ingots coming out of two smelts, combined to one belt to 60/m (max load). That gets split into 20 / 20 / 20 , where two of those belts continues with 20 till the end, whilst the third gets splits into 6.66 (20 divided by 3) on each belt. I can see you have other smelts lined up to push onto the current maxed 60/m belt, but if you connected those to that belt, it wouldn't help at all. You're still constrained by 60/m, so the efficiency of all the smelts would go WAY down. You would be better served by splitting a 60/m belt into two 30/m belts, and adding another smelter onto each of those, to make two 60/m belts if you want to do this production bus system.

    The way this game is designed it seems like production buses ALA Factorio is not the way to go. It almost feels like the best bet is to decide oh what you are trying to make at the end, and shuffle off the correct amount of resources from miners just for that, with no main production bus. I could be totally wrong, but that is just what it seems like.

  • KwwB
    KwwB  8 months ago +2

    So, I see this a lot. You have to look at how much something takes input wise, and what it put outs. My first playthrough during the open alpha was a mess. My second was much better. A miner mk1 mines 60 iron ore per minute. A smelter uses 30 iron ore per minute and outputs 30 iron ingots per minute, so each miner needs to be split into two smelters for maximum efficiency. Then depending on what you you make off that depends on how many constructors. Iron plates takes 30 iron ingot (to make 30 plates), whilst iron bars takes 15 iron ingots per minute to make 15 bars. So one MK1 Miner could support two smelters, that support two constructors making iron plates. While one MK1 miner could support two smelters, that support four constructors making iron bars. If you then want to make sure the conveyor belt is maxed out at 60 items/min on it, then you just merge it all down to one belt after construction.

    This is all going off memory as I don't have the game right in front of me right now. Just make sure you look at how much input something needs, and how much it puts out. So basically after the above example, I had a belt supported by 4 constructors that had 60/m iron bars on it. Assemblers to make Rotors IIRC took 20/m iron bars (plus the screws) so off one MK1 Miner, I could support three assemblers making rotors JUST FOR THE BARS, you would have to split current production, or get another MK1 Miner making bars to make screws to make the rotors in conjunction with your current 60/m belt with bars.

  • Phill
    Phill  8 months ago

    Hold down control and play everything slightly off the grid.... gotcha...

  • BinggiDarkownerMini
    BinggiDarkownerMini  8 months ago

    1 miner 2 smelter... is it so hard to understand.

  • Rob Beijerinck
    Rob Beijerinck  8 months ago

    kage that aint compleetly true becausse i didnt have your problem using CTRL aligning on foundation

  • Koh Wei Jian
    Koh Wei Jian  8 months ago +3

    Reaching perfect ratio can be easy, at least up to tier 4 items. Step 1: take note of belt speed, step 2: take note of consumption and production speed. step 3: plan your splitter and merger. Done!!!

  • Limping_ Biscuits
    Limping_ Biscuits  8 months ago +3

    Why not connect the two generators, for twice the output?? no need for 2 separate grids

  • Missouri Man
    Missouri Man  8 months ago

    Really shocked the grid lines don't show faintly while placing yet it shows the align lines and snaps in. Maybe a cool nerdineer feature, I'd use it if I had it, just saying. Dig the vid! Dig the game!! STOKED!!!

  • Brendan Oneill
    Brendan Oneill  8 months ago

    Kage please upload more so I don't have to watch other people's spaghetti madness. So annoying

  • Raven YT
    Raven YT  8 months ago


  • Carson Kellogg
    Carson Kellogg  8 months ago

    Hears the beginning S for satisfactory and in my head I was like S..even days to die.