What REALLY Happened To My Ex-Girlfriend...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019
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  • Taya
    Taya  a months ago

    16:49 yooo hold up. Brandon didn’t get pushed or trip. He set that man up. He made it look like it smh

  • Jacob tech Pro
    Jacob tech Pro  a months ago

    I don’t like to add realistically you take $20 over a bang you will take $10 over a bang so shut up

  • PalmdalesAdonis
    PalmdalesAdonis  a months ago

    Can u stop fucking around. We all know u still with Jackie. You two never broke up

    SMECK  a months ago

    Chanel is wearing butt pads!! Lmao 2:24

  • Ashely Sinanan
    Ashely Sinanan  a months ago

    that's just a movie ,don't worry you will be find!!!

  • val vlogs
    val vlogs  a months ago

    Happy Birthday Romel

  • Jack Frank
    Jack Frank  a months ago

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  • Jack Frank
    Jack Frank  a months ago

    You guys are in the haunted house

  • Haylee Kaye
    Haylee Kaye  a months ago

    Brandon totally defended Jackie. He loves her.😂😘

  • Yuliana Serna
    Yuliana Serna  a months ago

    It’s not a good one if booker ain’t in it 😍❤️

  • Jcruz Lopez
    Jcruz Lopez  a months ago

    Brandon called jackie babe😱😱9:02 or 9:03

  • Cynthia E Young
    Cynthia E Young  a months ago

    Don't feel bad for being blind.. I'm legally blind in my left eye n barely can see out my right eye. But one look at me you couldn't tell only thing some ppl can notice looking at me is my eyes are 2 different colors..

  • Daniella Sanchez
    Daniella Sanchez  a months ago

    You are so annoying, unsubscribing and never looking at your vids again! There’s a reason why your *little brother has more subs then you! BYYYYEEE

  • Clay Morris
    Clay Morris  a months ago +2

    Man just bought a Mclaren, just buy new carpet already 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gang time
    Gang time  a months ago

    Who said BC at the end

  • Gang time
    Gang time  a months ago

    Could have promoted bang with tripod

  • Gang time
    Gang time  a months ago

    That was an old Gucci box for Sherman

  • Gang time
    Gang time  a months ago

    How they see her piss

  • Alexis Saldivar-Garcia

    he probably doesn't hate cats dogs have sensitive hearing and that is why he was doing that trying to let ya know to turn it off

  • elizabeth gonzalez
    elizabeth gonzalez  a months ago