I Revealed My Sister's Secret To The Whole School

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019


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    This guy’s name is Mike, and he’d like to tell you a story about him and his step-sister. All of you probably know how hard the relationship between siblings can be. And it can be even worse when the two of you are born to different parents. So, this was his experience.

    Mike’s father passed away a long time ago from a heart attack. His loss was terrible, both for Mike and of course for his mom. It felt like it was just the two of them alone in the whole world, so they promised to support each other whatever happened. And Mike did so when his mom decided to get married again.

    Fortunately, his stepdad happened to be one of the nicest people he’d ever met. He’s been a wonderful friend to Mike since the very first moment they met each other. They shoot hoops almost every evening. He’s pretty supportive of Mike’s addiction to computers and programming, and even buys him new cool stuff for it every once in a while. But there’s one huge problem – his daughter. Her name is Elizabeth, and she’s only a couple of months older than Mike, but she feels the need to remind him about it any chance she gets. “You have to listen to me since I'm older and more experienced,” Elizabeth constantly says. And he can’t do anything about it because he doesn’t want to upset his mom, so he just has to accept his stepsister as she is.

    Elizabeth’s arrogance is aggravated by the fact that they go to the same school, where she happens to be literally the most popular girl there. And in comparison, Mike is a complete nobody. So she usually teases him or mocks him, or says something stupid about him to her cool friends. Once, for example, she filled his locker with something green and gooey and when he opened it, all this slime just covered him, ruining his pants and making them wet and sticky. And the other day she made him a “sorry-sandwich” which turned to not be filled with tuna, but with dog food. Her latest prank made him feel that it was time to retaliate.

    Mike has a couple of friends – they’re his best friends, actually – who are interested in computer science, just like he is. For a while they've been trying to realize their shared dream of creating their own spectacular computer game, which they hope will one day beat all records in the gaming world. In order to create their own characters and to make them as real as possible, they usually physically test out the main actions by themselves. So one day when he was trying to show his friends how a character in their game should be using his weapon, and he was skipping and hopping around while holding a toy gun in his hands so that his friends could draw everything perfectly. They didn’t notice that his monster-sister had snuck into the room and was recording all of their movements with her cell phone. The next day she shared this video with virtually the whole school, commenting that he was playing with toys like a little boy. Obviously, he was really embarrassed when he saw that virtually every person in school was mocking and laughing at him. Some of them even recommended that he carry around a baby blanket so he wouldn't cry. It was really embarrassing, and Mike decided that it was finally time to have his revenge.

    He never thought of complaining to his parents, because his mom had always told him to be a gentleman, and he felt he just needed to find his own way to stop his sister from teasing him. The perfect solution came to him all of a sudden. He happened to be passing by his sister's room while she was doing something strange in there. He looked through the crack in the door and saw that Elizabeth was pretending to be a beauty queen, winning some contest. She was twirling in front of her mirror, pretending she was waving to her fans. She even sang a song – which, frankly speaking, sounded pretty awful. But everything she was doing was perfect for getting people to laugh at her, so he took his cell phone out of his pocket and recorded the whole thing. Can you imagine how excited he was to have the perfect chance to change his life!?

    Mike immediately showed the video to his friends, and together they decided to improve it a little bit on the computer and post it to the school intranet. The next day he was so pleased to have posted the incriminating evidence and shamed Elizabeth. He couldn't wait for her to realize what he’d done. Everybody was laughing and mocking her beauty queen impression as she walked into school...and then they did it again in the school cafeteria, and everywhere else. After she'd had too much of the ridicule, she broke down into tears and ended up running away. But you know what? To know more watch this video to the end.

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    Well, Mike’s shared his story with you guys. Feel free to share it with any of your friends who also have terrible siblings. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss more interesting stories.

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