Most Satisfying Pressing SLIME Videos #21 (Relaxing ASMR)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 24, 2018
  • Most Satisfying Pressionando SLIME Videos #21 (Relaxing ASMR)

    New Oddly Satisfying videos.
    Most Satisfying Slime Video Compilation
    En Rahatlatıcı Slime Videoları
    slime prank
    slime press

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  • Isabel Omez
    Isabel Omez  2 hours ago +1

    Like si te gustaria tocar todos esos slime😞😍😍😍

  • Hatice Nur Çicek
    Hatice Nur Çicek  3 hours ago

    İyi renc

  • Mark Uy
    Mark Uy  13 hours ago

    Yeyyy the 2 times the that FUCKING TENIS RACKETTT

  • Lisa Blottiau
    Lisa Blottiau  16 hours ago

    Commment vous avez fait j'ai essayer 10 fois j'ai pas réussi vous pouvez me dire les recette
    J'aime les vidéo de slime c'est bien reponder moi au commentaire si vous voulez et la recette merci

  • Kira Myshel Ann Hodgson

    Does anyone wonder if they clean the racket or they throw it out
    No one
    Just me

  • Sunarmi Amy
    Sunarmi Amy  21 hours ago


  • Sandra Milena Campo Calderon

    #Rip raqueta😂

  • Sandra Milena Campo Calderon

    Ame este video 😊


    Смотрю слайм и ем шоколадку.. Жутко вкусное видео, у кого то кто это смотрит уже слюни потекли😙

  • 손지민
    손지민  4 days ago


  • 『Çrößīæñt Šŵīrł』

    0:36 - Thumbnail!
    It’s also a pet peeve! :(
    The they legit pop the slime in the racket! :(

  • Анель Турегулова

    Кто русский лайк

  • Kassim Syed
    Kassim Syed  5 days ago

    Me:mom i am going to play some tennnis with my friends for a while
    Mom: Attemps to do slime pressing to be in trend
    Me:mom have you seen my tennis racket?
    Mom: No...
    Me: Old people these days🤦 this is going to take a while to clean my racket

  • Kassim Syed
    Kassim Syed  5 days ago +1

    Me: Attemps to do the slime pressing in my room
    Mom: Did you hear someone fart?
    Me: ...

  • can everyone shut up

    it may just be me, but when someone puts the racket back into the slime and squishes the slime on top of it i physically convulse. and, not in a good way.

  • 강진
    강진  5 days ago


  • maddy t
    maddy t  5 days ago

    I like it but how do you get the slime off the tenis rackid😐😑⏳ugh sòooooooo long 😴

  • Rolando Moreno
    Rolando Moreno  6 days ago

    La cagan

  • Cloudy Drawsfurs
    Cloudy Drawsfurs  6 days ago

    God I hate when they lift the racket, then put it back, then get the bubbles. It's so unsatisfactory and annoys the heck outta me

  • Monika Karmo
    Monika Karmo  6 days ago

    i like face slime