What I wasn’t doing to increase my deadlift! Have you tried this?

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
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  • NotDaequan
    NotDaequan  a months ago

    I'm not a pro so it's a guess but running til ya legs hurt multiple times then getting a rest will help because like you're legs are used to having the muscles get tired so it last longer with just lifting cause you're consistently breathing and it's getting oxygen so it takes longer to tire out ya muscles-

    Sorry if I worded it weird I gave up on trying to speak proper English 2 words in

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson  2 months ago

    That was shitty music in the beginning.

  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović  2 months ago

    Cliffs; hgh

  • BeastMode Doyle
    BeastMode Doyle  2 months ago

    Does Brad always wear a hat so he can hide/excuse the receding hairline he's getting from steroids? Trying to get as big as Dom

  • Gamefreak
    Gamefreak  2 months ago

    Bradley hardly went to lockout on most of those dl's but who am i just some random person on the internet

  • juan zapata
    juan zapata  3 months ago

    Cool ur beard jude

  • Ionknowboutalldahh
    Ionknowboutalldahh  3 months ago

    Pisses me off how brad doesn’t lock out...makes his form look so bad... he’s so strong but damn

  • Alisha Banks
    Alisha Banks  3 months ago

    More steroids

  • YungApostle84 YungApostle84

    I’ve seen maybe a dozen of your videos over some the years, I appreciate that u are seriously strong and don’t just look the part. 600 for reps is nuts, I felt those...

  • Hiếu Cao
    Hiếu Cao  3 months ago

    Eddie Hall's style ?

  • VMuscle
    VMuscle  3 months ago

    I think it was the rest... but explosive work can teach you to move abit more quickly

  • somefobe
    somefobe  3 months ago

    Steroids? No thanks :)

  • Grace
    Grace  3 months ago +1

    Looks like he’s lost about 10lbs. That 7 plate went up quick

  • YouTube_leejoe
    YouTube_leejoe  3 months ago

    Song ??

  • Chapman Fitness
    Chapman Fitness  3 months ago

    Felt like some of those at 3:30 weren’t locked out

  • Chapman Fitness
    Chapman Fitness  3 months ago +2

    Hey Panini! 💃🕺💃🕺

  • happzy
    happzy  3 months ago

    That beard needs trimming, it's starting to look weird

  • Harry Wilkes
    Harry Wilkes  3 months ago

    Sprinting is explosive power deadlift requires explosive power to get the bar above the knee..

  • Alex Sol
    Alex Sol  3 months ago

    That larry wheels set up been working for me too

  • MrChubby1997
    MrChubby1997  3 months ago +3

    I see you doing those speed reps... Did you watch Eddie hall's bid on dead lifting😅😏