Neighbors rescue a Raccoon sentenced to death by hanging

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017
  • I've saved plenty of raccoons from the dumpsters, But never from the noose of a car tarp. Life saved ✔️ #RaccoonRescue
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  • FreddyKruegerFiles
    FreddyKruegerFiles  a years ago +13094

    To all the morons that are quick to judge and think I set this up or why didn’t I get scissors or why my knife sucks here are the answers.
    Not sure how or why it was wrapped up? I wasn’t close to my apartment to grab anything else, I only had the small cheap knife attached to my car keys. It wasn’t my car or cover so I didn’t know how the owner would react. I live connected to a metro park so I deal with raccoons a lot. He was fine after a while and went back into the woods. Rabies are very rare in our area, I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but this raccoon DID NOT have rabies. Everything turned out great and you guys got a front row seat to an amazing rescue. I also didn’t know the dude that stepped in to actually save the raccoon at the time which made it kinda awkward because I was recording it. So chill the fuck out! Oh yeah plus I was already recording Pryor to the fact and it was filmed on my iPhone for all the ass hats that think I had some camera equipment. Dammit 🤦‍♂️

  • Larnie Hopkins
    Larnie Hopkins  13 hours ago

    Oh dude, dude. Im gonna save your life. In mind and might get rabies

  • Lucky Belle Cruz Apuad

    RACCOON: just get a scissors!
    Man:ill go get a knife

  • Fluffy The Laughing Fox

    Raccoon had too many drinks

  • Lilly Vermillion
    Lilly Vermillion  17 hours ago

    0:45 uH oH audio plays

  • Brenner Outdoors
    Brenner Outdoors  19 hours ago

    Why didn’t you kill him I hunt raccoons

  • xXSydXx The Gamer
    xXSydXx The Gamer  22 hours ago +1

    You are a good person for saving a life even if it’s a raccoon

  • Qelissa Shelton
    Qelissa Shelton  22 hours ago

    Poor thing i holp it.s okay

  • Johnnie Reyes
    Johnnie Reyes  22 hours ago

    Watched the whole thing to see it run away all cool but it just spun around eating shit

  • Sp1r1tz 4 l1fe
    Sp1r1tz 4 l1fe  yesterday

    he got rabies

  • Dave Kendrick
    Dave Kendrick  yesterday

    With it going around in circles looks like it’s now brain damaged, should have shot it, kindest thing to do

  • Mrtypeoj
    Mrtypeoj  yesterday

    Cradle the boddie asshole

  • Mrtypeoj
    Mrtypeoj  yesterday

    Cradle the boddle

  • Aimee Rush
    Aimee Rush  yesterday

    I almost cried in this video because I love racoons 🦝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😕

  • somethingnamed colby

    When she said oh that’s one of the babies I was like haw big do raccoons get

  • Damian Garcia
    Damian Garcia  yesterday

    France history to whole new level lol

  • Bret Bailey
    Bret Bailey  yesterday +1

    This is how much racc hanging awareness I need to save all the hanging races

  • Henlo Frens
    Henlo Frens  yesterday

    Awww you saved the trash panda

  • Rinaldy Bastar
    Rinaldy Bastar  2 days ago

    Poor little guy..thanks man, you're a life saver

  • Richard Thacker
    Richard Thacker  2 days ago +1

    When racoons tried to get on our back porch momma just chased them off with a broom....