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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Oh man does it sound good. Hope you like it :)


  • BillBoard Trendz
    BillBoard Trendz  14 days ago

    Now thats how a skyline suppose to sound alberto did a fabulous job

  • Yaseen Ali
    Yaseen Ali  a months ago

    im so exited. The first car ima gonna learn is stick in is my uncles RB25 s14 240 drifter

  • HansSpeilm
    HansSpeilm  3 months ago

    The turbo flutter is not the turbo "temporarily stalling"... Take half a second to consider the physics involved- you have a piece of metal spinning at over 100k rpm, it's not going to instantly stop dead from just air pressure, especially while the exhaust gasses are still pushing the rear blade at the same time. Pretty shocking remark considering your experience with cars.

  • Ivan Faccá
    Ivan Faccá  4 months ago

    Name the exhaust?

  • cody cassidy
    cody cassidy  5 months ago

    I miss this car

  • Chase Wood
    Chase Wood  6 months ago

    I see that AB Autos sticker

  • Ollie bert
    Ollie bert  11 months ago

    How does this guy fund all this 😂

  • Austin Crissman
    Austin Crissman  a years ago

    What kind of sleeves do you run on y our lines again? I'm pretty sure you covered this in one of your other vids, but I can't seem to find the right video. :(

  • Tx240
    Tx240  a years ago

    Nice job posting an engine / exhaust sound vid that wasn't just bouncing on the rev limiter the whole time.

    TSGz FEISTY  a years ago

    Oh yeah.

  • Brando
    Brando  a years ago

    ahh remember the good ol automatic 3 series days?

  • Sam Pritchard
    Sam Pritchard  a years ago

    High revs sound godly

  • Spring Visuals
    Spring Visuals  a years ago

    Peep @ 6:16?!?

  • riyad yusuf
    riyad yusuf  a years ago

    And this is y I love RBS

  • Tim Cozad
    Tim Cozad  a years ago

    Is it just me or does it seem like his clutch is rubbing? Wheels kept spinning as he revved.

  • Royal Car Scene W.A

    Best sounding RB25 👌🏼💪🏼

  • Alan Reyna
    Alan Reyna  a years ago

    You need an rb in the s13

  • joel hoyos
    joel hoyos  a years ago

    PEEEP ! 6:16

  • Time Lapsable
    Time Lapsable  a years ago

    lil peep, girls, starts at 6:16 lol wtf

  • Seth  Smith
    Seth Smith  a years ago

    I see you with the Lil Peep music Adam. Lol