Satisfactory Trailer - Review and Analysis of the E3 2018 Satisfactory Trailer Reveal!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 12, 2018
  • Satisfactory trailer is out - revealed at E3 2018. This amazing-looking new factory builder game by Coffee Stain Studios evolves the Factorio formula into a 3D game that looks amazing. The Satisfactory beta starts "soon", but that doesn't mean we can't start pouring over the reveal trailer to try and figure out what's the Satisfactory game is going to be all about! What do you think?

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    __What is Satisfactory?
    An FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

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  • Game Kingdom!
    Game Kingdom!  8 months ago

    Love the video and would love to play with you.

  • Robin Taylor
    Robin Taylor  11 months ago

    If this is going to be another game where they put ridiculous effort into making detailed models with intricate parts just for something with one basic interaction (e.g put 3 raw materials in get 1 circuit board out after exactly 2.5 seconds) then I will be very sad.

  • SumGuy
    SumGuy  11 months ago

    Now's on the Epic launcher only and I don't mind like other people. I love Unreal engine games so it's one way or another you're supporting something you hate.

    If mods are available later on, there'll probably be tons more machines, maps, etc. I only want them to do the game so the modders can use it as a platform to build "mega factorio 3d infinite mode".

  • Ultra
    Ultra  11 months ago

    7:45 that is a cheese grater.

  • Eman
    Eman  11 months ago

    That 1 % that says no is me I wanted to see if it would be still 0% but I think this game would need lots more time to get better that factorio but im not saying I'm sure

  • Boone Keller
    Boone Keller  a years ago

    So Factorio but stackable

  • Evan Watling
    Evan Watling  a years ago

    There’s no way my computer can run this though

  • Minamur
    Minamur  a years ago +6

    Idk if you noticed but at 13:53 the player seems to be in a cave system. Could that mean the planet also has cave networks that you can explore?

    S.S RADON  a years ago

    i hope that this game comes out for console, my pc cant run this masterpiece.

  • D Spivey
    D Spivey  a years ago

    This looks like what No Man's Sky should have been.

  • mason kahl
    mason kahl  a years ago +1

    404 main antagonist.exe not found

  • cappie2000
    cappie2000  a years ago +9

    I highly doubt that this game will be able to scale as well as Factorio...

  • EmberDrops
    EmberDrops  a years ago +1

    Both multiple-choics are FULL 100%. We're gonna rock this

  • Shinobi026
    Shinobi026  a years ago

    great analysis - I miss so much of this stuff thanks for pointing it all out - awesome video!

  • Bikram Singh
    Bikram Singh  a years ago

    interesting analysis... i think we are building a starship and the space elevator brings materials into space to maybe leave the planet? or make a space station?

  • Azarhiel Sombrelame

    Despite of its procedural map, Factorio gameplay has been streamlined more than you think; Players are avid of more mods to find new ways of playing Factorio which i understand when you have played 3k or more hours of Factorio. So, all in all, even with a static map, i'm looking for this game to be playable cause more games like Factorio is welcomed...

  • Henry
    Henry  a years ago +1

    I always thought factorio should be point and click without the guy, so the first person 3D camera angle seems awkward to me

  • Finn Gerber
    Finn Gerber  a years ago +6

    The new graphics overhaul for 0.17 look great! Glad to see more realistic graphics, although I am a little sad to see the steampunk art style being fased out.

  • Art1985
    Art1985  a years ago

    I think those are not power markers, but indicators if building is connected and is working. Look at (8:30) when buildings connecting with belts their markers working differently I think.

  • CatheteriZedEYE
    CatheteriZedEYE  a years ago

    i can only imagine a sort of editor mode / random generation update to the game but it will be cool to see if modders get into making content for richer content.
    mods are the only reason i played factorio for 1500+ hours