Frame By Frame Satisfactory Trailer Speculation

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
  • Today we take the Satisfactory Trailer Frame by Frame. I speculate a lot in this video, and try to learn as much about the game as possible, by visuals alone. Hope you guys enjoyed.





  • epic gamer
    epic gamer  a years ago

    20:25 "pick your thiccness"

  • Évelyne Lachance
    Évelyne Lachance  a years ago

    15:15 this is obviously an LED light stick. You can buy those at dollar stores and electronic stores. Here's one:

  • The Invisible
    The Invisible  a years ago

    4:20 You can see the creature in the first Satisfactory teaser

  • Cinnamon Jace
    Cinnamon Jace  a years ago

    flaming pikachus confirmed

  • truemadmanmatrix
    truemadmanmatrix  a years ago

    The end looks like a massive rocket there seems to be very clear engine cones on the bottom.

  • 3roderick3
    3roderick3  a years ago

    btw, can someone point me to the Facebook interview, I can't seem to find it

  • 3roderick3
    3roderick3  a years ago +1

    oh no, not oil! now the USA is going to "liberate" us!

  • chiffmonkey
    chiffmonkey  a years ago +2

    Something you missed from the Facebook interview. You start in a plains area with limited space and resources, and there comes a point where you will hit barriers in exploration I.E. the edge of a forest that needs cutting down, a cliff face that needs to be mantled, a chasm that needs to be bridged across. So there's challenges in the exploration and logistical side of it, and not just in the factory building.

    4:05 that creature is shown properly in the Teaser Trailer.

    8:57 Some kind of mimic that lures in prey by appearing to be a plant but actually being a hostile animal.

  • Andreas Frederiksen
    Andreas Frederiksen  a years ago +1

    the spinning machine in front of the big building, is proberly the vehicle builder. you can see the blueprint off it when they go through them. that is what i think

  • VexMex Industries
    VexMex Industries  a years ago

    To the "maybe belt sorter/splitter"thing, interesting to see is that they are directional, so you cant just put it into any slow and it will do its job, it has seemingly only one specific, differently colored input

    15:17 that laser-sword-thingymagig looks like a lamp, like one of the LED staff lamps you probably see on a car repairshop
    19:15 i thought of it as part of a refinery of some sort, but since we dont know how indepths this game goes with the crafting components, it could be a huge lot of stuff
    24:47 i thought about it to be a carbon end piece for a arc furnace assembly, i mean im pretty sure furnaces will be able to be powered by electricity, and maybe you make steel this way?
    29:26 maybe all liquids are barreled then? i mean those are barrels, and we can assume its oil, so since we saw no pipes till yet, maybe everything is barreld atm?

    30:29 right of your courser, a ring of lights? fire? a ring of some sort at the base of the giant laser thingy stuff, it looks quite interesting

    31:35 those filters/splitters are different from the ones before, they have 2 (assuming) inputs and outputs if you look at the colors, so they might be splitters and filters, but since their form is different from the ones we seen already, does this mean they are just splitter? or just filter? or are they a combination with just different in and output configurations? thats actually quite interesting

    32:18 smae thing, but this time the outputs and inputs are at a different position, this time they are parallel to eachother instead of side to side. what we also can see is that the symbols on them where the conveyors are going in and out have changed
    ok looking further, this might be a merger instead of a splitter configuration now, 3 inputs 1 output, very interesting (also visual glitch on the right conveyor xD)

    34:50 till now we just know that thing has a reason of why it is there, and that alone is reason enough to me to want to know wich reason x3

  • giggitytwelve
    giggitytwelve  a years ago

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