Don’t go to FaZe Rug’s house in the middle of the night...

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 7, 2019

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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!


  • lukhman hassan
    lukhman hassan  5 days ago

    Bryan has the same birthday as my brother and my brother is a big fan of both of you

  • Ahmed Lasania
    Ahmed Lasania  7 days ago

    Anthony looked like bad bunny when he had the glasses on lmao

  • Team 7 Edge
    Team 7 Edge  14 days ago

    I meant to say the suns are trash

  • Team 7 Edge
    Team 7 Edge  14 days ago

    Auna are trash

  • Team 7 Edge
    Team 7 Edge  14 days ago

    Go Dolphins

  • Cayden Hayes
    Cayden Hayes  14 days ago

    R.I.P wolf dog aka Qovow

    MANNY AND ROB  14 days ago

    My bithday is june 22

  • Samar Ahmad
    Samar Ahmad  14 days ago

    Put go suns on ur arm or leg

  • Miguel44 Cariño
    Miguel44 Cariño  14 days ago

    In the future Anthony is gonna get a nike tattoo

  • FortniteN3ws
    FortniteN3ws  14 days ago

    Bro my birthday is also June 23 but I'm born in 2005

  • ΛLΛΠ 1993
    ΛLΛΠ 1993  21 days ago

    binge watching all brandons videos atm 🐐

  • Denzel
    Denzel  a months ago

    me a person who watches exotic lair and faze rug and brawadis: SEES A SPIDER MOM GET ME A BOWL DIRT AND LEAVES AND A BIG ROCK

  • Tsundere _Cokel
    Tsundere _Cokel  a months ago +1

    Baby spider scene: ,,Holy.....never seen one of these......see something new everyday”😂😂😂🕷

  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson  a months ago

    My teacher has a spider and it’s that kind

  • Mireya Marie
    Mireya Marie  a months ago

    I have the same birthday as Sherman 😂🤣😅😭

  • Jorge Villarreal
    Jorge Villarreal  a months ago +1

    why not

    FRAN CRACK  2 months ago

    Gay ac

  • Mattew Juarez
    Mattew Juarez  2 months ago +1

    your dog sucks thank God he's dead I hated him. Go fuck yourself

  • Diya Kanan
    Diya Kanan  2 months ago +1

    Anyone 2019

  • Hiadey Shehata
    Hiadey Shehata  2 months ago +2

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I got click baited and so did you