23 DELICIOUS COOKING HACKS || Easy Pastry Ideas And Quick Recipes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    Do you love to eat dumplings? We adore dumplings and love to make them at home. Nothing could be compared to homemade dumplings. Besides, it’s a very fun process of making dumplings with your family and friends. It’s a cool way to spend an evening and enjoy a delicious dinner. Today we share a lot of tutorials on how to fold dumplings. These folding techniques are very easy and look flawless. Of course, you can choose a traditional ‘half-moon shape’ but we offer more patterns you should totally try. Watch our video and choose your favorite stuffing and folding method! But before you start cooking you should know a couple of important moments: it’s important to seal properly every dumpling especially if you are going to boil them in water, do not use too much flour otherwise it will be very difficult to seal dumplings.
    Triangle fold looks really cool and is a very easy folding method. You will need to place a teaspoon of filling into the center of the dough (round shape). Start pinching two ends heading towards the middle. Use thumb and index finger to pinch the seams of the third end. Ready! Watch our video find more folding techniques!
    As a bonus, you will find surprising dishes you can make from noodles. Eating ramen noodles out of the packet is too boring and it’s time to upgrade this habit and turn ramen into a culinary masterpiece. Check out how to cook noodle pizza, noddle cupcakes, hot dogs and more! Let’s cook ramen noodle pizza. Yes, it sounds crazy but the idea is very cool! You will need to boil ramen, add parmesan and eggs. Take a baking tray and place ramen into it. Cover ramen with mozzarella and spread tomato sauce. Also, you can add any stuffing like salami or vegetables. Bake and enjoy!

    00:09 Cool ways to fold dumplings
    01:19 The rose fold
    03:23 The half-moon fold
    03:53 The triangle fold
    04:12 Crazy ramen noodle recipes

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