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  • Published on:  Friday, September 27, 2019
  • I had my heart set on that car... was it a smart or dumb move?
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  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez  2 months ago

    Fd Rx7s my dream car😂one day ill have a extra 20k+

  • Z W
    Z W  2 months ago

    The vids with Tommy are much better than FL vids

  • TWayne
    TWayne  2 months ago

    I am an advocate supporter of your bad decisions

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones  2 months ago

    Rotang gang plz LZ

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones  2 months ago

    Bmxguitar5 😂😂😂

  • Alejandro Bahena
    Alejandro Bahena  2 months ago

    If you get an fd just know TJ had it first (:

  • Dab
    Dab  2 months ago

    where is nicole at give us an update on her for god's sake

  • Ollie Willson
    Ollie Willson  2 months ago

    Don’t let the money go to your head dude

  • behradsays
    behradsays  2 months ago +1

    We need some drifting content! Love watching you drive dude

  • Rick Rothstein
    Rick Rothstein  2 months ago

    SO... the girls don't like the "vibraty" cars?!?!?

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price  2 months ago

    real shit, if they don't like the Evo they can take the bus lmao/

  • Sunny Ricer
    Sunny Ricer  2 months ago


  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid  2 months ago


  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid  2 months ago


  • Ricky Mariquit
    Ricky Mariquit  2 months ago

    I replay the vlog amlost 10x cuz I couldn’t see the rx7 part

  • ArtisanPretzel
    ArtisanPretzel  2 months ago

    You should go full Stradman/TJ mode and slap a pandem kit on it, but actually drive it just to flex on them

  • Canadian POP! Collector

    The song at the end makes me sad bro can you change it...keep up the great content... I miss Alberto in your vids and the cream 240...

  • KZ
    KZ  2 months ago

    bmxguitar5....only ogs know

  • Carcaine Addicts
    Carcaine Addicts  2 months ago

    What song is that at the beginning??

  • brucelevesque25
    brucelevesque25  2 months ago

    GM alternator just have to tap it after it’s been sitting for a while 😂