Satisfactory Multiplayer Ep#1: Double Trouble

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Featuring EnterElysium:
    Two players, twice the factory-building potential! As long as Bentham can keep EE out of trouble...
    The duo drop in on the grasslands and find themselves a new spot to set up shop, and almost immediately stumble across a mysterious crashed pod...

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  • RVT_Toxic
    RVT_Toxic  1 months ago


  • Kyouko Tsukino
    Kyouko Tsukino  3 months ago +1

    7:50 "How do I get down?"
    Another fine product of Understatement Inc. Remember our motto, "We do things."

    11:00 Procedurally generating a map in 3D is a tricky thing. Some games have been trying for years, with some success, but not with this graphic quality. Anyhow, those who want to play a game like Factorio have an easy way to do so: Play Factorio.

    19:30 Good News Simulator 2019.

    22:00 Project Assembly: A giant mega-factory that extracts minerals and biomass off the planet until it's a completely dried out rock, and then makes drop pods with sentient "human engineer" robots inside, that it then send to other planets to repeat the process.

    If that's what it is, it would be awesome and horrifying at the same time.

    29:00 See, I was right, the main character is a robot! How else can she just stand that close to molten iron and not burn up? Space suits? Dude, you watch too much sci-fi. She's a robot.

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin  7 months ago +2

    Oh? It's female?
    It just looks gender neutral to me.

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin  7 months ago +3

    Satisfactory is as much factorio as League of Legends is Dota. Or Starcraft is Age of Empires II.
    They are the same genre. The same type, and the same core mechanics. But they are entierly different games, and a different execution of the core mechanics.

  • Wufgang01
    Wufgang01  7 months ago

    omg at 32:54 the lizard doggo is glitching trying t go to his owner, ITS SO CUTE

  • K.o.R
    K.o.R  7 months ago

    When you say 40 square kilometres, do you mean it's 40km on a side, or that it's 40km² total (which would be a strange side length)?

    If it's 20km on a side, that's 400km², not 40km².
    If it's 40km on a side, that's 1,600km².

  • IaIaCthulhuFtagn
    IaIaCthulhuFtagn  7 months ago

    The map might be huge, but this is the third time you settled in the same area, get out of your comfort zone man. :-p

  • Kingwut117
    Kingwut117  7 months ago

    there's r34 of the satisfactory character and the alien doggo isn't there

  • FumblerX
    FumblerX  7 months ago

    you must send EnterElysium to space on the hub thing, have him stand on it when you press the big red button. you can stack leaves under your feet like in minecraft to get on top of it :)

  • AlphaSimo
    AlphaSimo  7 months ago

    Ray is best girl.

  • Jämęš.īś.mê
    Jämęš.īś.mê  7 months ago

    Just what I need in my life thank you ❤️

  • Sumanitu
    Sumanitu  7 months ago

    Procedural generation makes for infinitely replayable gameplay and works well for a game like Factorio where the starting resource spawns being in different spots and terrain being slightly different means that your puzzle of building an efficient factory (and the race to stay ahead of the alien evolution) is a little different each time. Factorio is also such a meaty puzzle that the game doesn't need exploration to be interesting to be a great game. I don't think proc. gen works as well for games like Rogue Legacy and Subnautica.

    I dont think Satisfactory will have the long term replayability for me that Factorio did simply because of the lack of the alien threat. There is no reason or need to be efficient and quick setting up your factory

  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean  7 months ago +3

    16:16: People complain about it because they're used to straight white dudes being the "default," and it feels weird to not be represented by the blank slate character. Also because they never realize that people who aren't straight white dudes feel that way more often than not. In other words: It's something they usually don't notice, and they're not happy about noticing.
    ...Anyways, Bentham and EE's dynamic is fun as ever. By which I men, more fun for us than for Bentham.

  • Tamren Starshadow
    Tamren Starshadow  7 months ago +6

    Procedural generation has a few things going for it, but it can also be soulless compared to hand crafted designs. Look at No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous versus Subnautica, it's a tradeoff between size and depth. Though that isn't to say procedural content is always bad, Dwarf Fortress proves that easily enough.

  • alpha_43
    alpha_43  7 months ago

    oooooh, 666 views

  • Burak Baggins
    Burak Baggins  7 months ago +5

    he just put the hub in the exact position to the milimeter where my hub is. Cool

  • TheBricklayer96
    TheBricklayer96  7 months ago

    benthem! the hog killer!

  • ClayCyborg
    ClayCyborg  7 months ago +9

    My estimated time to space elevator would be late E5 to mid E6 if things go the way they usually do. (looking at you EE) On the other hand, if they both want to prove me wrong and really focuses I bet they can get it as early as mid E3.

  • B. Torres
    B. Torres  7 months ago

    I bet 5 episodes in you guys will get the space elevator.

  • Erix Kivuti
    Erix Kivuti  7 months ago

    If the rock in the hub is a bother.. you can move the hub to another spot.. btw, what's the limit on hubs u can build before tier 2 is unlocked?