Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • At one point we've all dreamt of being a superhero. Here are some rare diseases that indirectly give people superhero-like abilities.
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  • Vincent Buella
    Vincent Buella  5 hours ago

    so i have 4 super human skills

  • tightEnd_House87 PS4

    I was actually diagnosed with hDEC2 a couple of yrs ago

  • dovakingdom v2
    dovakingdom v2  10 hours ago

    Four hours of sleep, those are rookie numbers. You need to get shorter sleep, I can get one to two hours and feel fine and I'm only 17

  • Iceypumpkin head
    Iceypumpkin head  10 hours ago

    I might have the super sleeper one.

  • MaineStream
    MaineStream  23 hours ago


    Then again, the feeling to defecate is also pain, so they need to wear diapers.

  • MasterGamer1
    MasterGamer1  yesterday

    The ability to learn is what we all have, unless if you are talking about the storaging of all learnings that they learn.

  • Ivana Miladinovic

    My superpower is having no superpower ._.

  • Dimond fan
    Dimond fan  2 days ago

    My sis is vampire thing

  • Dimond fan
    Dimond fan  2 days ago

    The fear thing ising anything special

    Just ask a doctor to reamove the Brian part

  • STAK
    STAK  2 days ago +1

    I knew this guy in my neighborhood who had 6 fingers on each hand and they all were functional

  • young n wild
    young n wild  2 days ago

    immediately scrolled down after whim hof's breathing technique to find kimetsu no yaiba memes.

  • Seten Darah
    Seten Darah  3 days ago


  • Death Kid42
    Death Kid42  3 days ago

    So I have the last one cause I only sleep for two hours and I have a lot of energy

  • Martijn Crommen
    Martijn Crommen  3 days ago

    I’m a short sleepers :) on avarage , i sleep for 4 and a half hours every day

  • juustergo player
    juustergo player  4 days ago

    Imagine someone has all of the superpowers (the good ones)

  • Alejandro Hernandez

    My power is being pain resistant I can get cut without me knowing the only way for me to feel pain my body has to go through significant damage like an injury that heals but leaves permanent damage.


    My super power is...

    I can relax and laugh at life

  • Pyromaniac
    Pyromaniac  4 days ago +1

    1:49 Actually in real life that is a really bad ability, You don't feel pain but neither you are inmune to damage, so if you had a disease or some of your vital organs got damaged you wouldn't know, remeber, No pain but you could die
    Edit: Ok I'm idiot this is what they said too

  • Χρυσανθος Πρανταλος

    I love how every scientific word is greek

  • uchiha itachi
    uchiha itachi  5 days ago

    My power is photographic memories