Why Tommy Won't Race Me...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 22, 2019
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  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward  a months ago

    Cause Evo owns all, idgaf lol

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza  2 months ago

    Lol Tommy's scream 😂🤣 what the hell you doing!?? Lol looks a lot faster more tug on those pulls

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza  2 months ago

    Does Tommy have a channel

  • James Ireland
    James Ireland  2 months ago

    Adam and Rudnick together to funny can tell they get along really good

  • TheGoat406
    TheGoat406  2 months ago

    Let’s rod a 2020 Supra that we are giving away lol

  • . Scout
    . Scout  2 months ago +2

    I dont wanna listen to Tommy flappin his lips making excuses

  • Robb Wiersma
    Robb Wiersma  2 months ago

    7 minutes of bench racing.

  • William Stru
    William Stru  2 months ago +1

    Tommy already knew he lost and didn’t want to be humiliated

  • Carter ya
    Carter ya  2 months ago

    Fuckin tommy 2 hands

  • uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn
    uMaD ѴӭḸṓẶn  2 months ago

    Adam is such a baller hahaha

  • Carlitos7469
    Carlitos7469  2 months ago

    Tommy needs to stop acting like a soul loser and man up!? You can't win every day but you definitely can come back and try it again

  • BassplayerDJB
    BassplayerDJB  2 months ago


  • JimdowgR33
    JimdowgR33  2 months ago

    Omg bmx clips😍😍😍

  • Built Jdm
    Built Jdm  2 months ago

    2jz still sounds better than the z4 engine

  • Hen Gaming
    Hen Gaming  2 months ago +1

    Adam, can you please do this but open it up to many more people, not just USA.

  • paul Wollersheim
    paul Wollersheim  2 months ago

    4:38 the "OH SHIT!" moment LOL Adam that was awesome in the ditch and back out. We all know what that feels like.I think Chris had to wipe after that one

  • Hammy Hanson
    Hammy Hanson  2 months ago +1

    Chris is awesome, love his character, a righteous dude

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez  2 months ago

    Me and my friends can't have a civilized racing conversation like Adam and Tommy, we'd end fighting lmao

  • Louis Smit
    Louis Smit  2 months ago

    Still remember a video way back with this skatepark and Jimmy Oakes driving a Passat!

  • diamond gore
    diamond gore  2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice christ flip off the motorcyclist