BUILDING THE NEW FACTORY! Satisfactory Gameplay Episode 4

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 11, 2019
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  • Blank Añonuevo
    Blank Añonuevo  21 days ago

    u can have a faster conveyor

  • Dani Józsa
    Dani Józsa  1 months ago

    You can bring home the lizard doggo with some berry

  • Krystal Star
    Krystal Star  3 months ago

    I can't get Raymond Scott "Powerhouse" out of my head whenever I watch these videos.

  • Ivan Leo
    Ivan Leo  3 months ago +1

    I live for 18:55.

    Do you need food? Well. So do I *KILLS THE FUCKIGN ANIMAL*

  • The Farmer
    The Farmer  4 months ago

    If you power the coal miner after it starts up the un hook it and it will power it’s self

  • WhaTyOuwAtCh AthoMe
    WhaTyOuwAtCh AthoMe  5 months ago

    i would automate modular plates as soon as you can you need a lot of them

  • Davinator
    Davinator  5 months ago

    i kinda wish that they a pollution level, and a machine that can fix terrain if you go to other planets
    they should also add rockets so you can go to other planets

    TENSA BEATS  6 months ago

    8:25 when a pretty girl says she likes me.

  • Bob Riffit
    Bob Riffit  6 months ago

    200k yay do a 200k vid for us pls :D

  • Liam Bingham
    Liam Bingham  6 months ago +2

    Who thinks something happened to him?

  • Ak_Blaze
    Ak_Blaze  6 months ago +1

    when is a new video coming up?

  • aaron
    aaron  6 months ago

    my friends joe and lucas told me to watch you, you are good

  • Cursed Potato
    Cursed Potato  6 months ago

    What if i give the satisfactory uploads a power cell thingy to overclock them

  • Ben Nigek
    Ben Nigek  6 months ago

    Congrats on 200k

  • Tareq El Khawas
    Tareq El Khawas  6 months ago

    Is broadbent okay?

  • CJMcMoleman
    CJMcMoleman  6 months ago +5

    Where's the uploads broooo, miss your tasty content x x x

  • TheLittleBoy
    TheLittleBoy  6 months ago +1

    Congrats on 200k subscribers

  • VasT Critical
    VasT Critical  6 months ago +7

    This is like the 6th time I’ve looked at your channel for new content :( you alright?

  • Matt Euro
    Matt Euro  6 months ago +3

    Congratulations on 200K sub's bro!

  • [UFOP] AnkGrooger
    [UFOP] AnkGrooger  6 months ago +8

    are you alive? or are you no longer a full time youtuber?