Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind #3

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • What were the worst punishments in the history? Today we're taking a look at even worse punishments in the history of mankind!

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  9 months ago +1562

    Beware of Legos and stubbed toes and don't forget to watch Worst Punishments In The History Of Mankind part 1 and 2! 😉

  • Jay Grey
    Jay Grey  5 hours ago

    😂 man on the sofa loving it at the start 10 seconds in looool

  • Gimme 200 subs please JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN

    8:25 you mean torn apart seriously grammar

  • Dan Schulte
    Dan Schulte  23 hours ago

    Why post this garbage? Why watch it?

  • Erik Kacziba
    Erik Kacziba  yesterday


  • Ndembo Loveline

    i want to get arrested

  • K M
    K M  yesterday

    I’m just imagining the knee splitter being taken off and the pain of pulling the spikes out slowly while your knee tries to move with it

  • Steven Rico
    Steven Rico  yesterday

    #1: Tetanus related death

  • Ivy Zhang
    Ivy Zhang  yesterday

    old age

  • Jamie Mc donagh
    Jamie Mc donagh  2 days ago

    Worst punishment
    Girlfriend bans you off the playstation

  • E 4 Epic 24
    E 4 Epic 24  2 days ago +1

    I’d prefer to die of old age

  • Poppy Poppy
    Poppy Poppy  2 days ago

    I need to stop watching these

  • Yodatoad
    Yodatoad  2 days ago

    6:23 my crotch hurts looking ate that 😭😭

  • RazerflameYT :3
    RazerflameYT :3  3 days ago +1

    Number 1

    Brush your teeth then drink orange juice

  • John Massoud
    John Massoud  3 days ago +1

    Worst way to die. Have to listen to AOC for 24 hours

  • Wizard 28082006
    Wizard 28082006  4 days ago

    Worst punishment is going to school

    MASTER OF GAMING  4 days ago

    The worst would be u forced to apologise to ur crush

  • Chase Zellner
    Chase Zellner  5 days ago

    Here are the top 10 funny ways of torture:

    10: your moms belt
    9: watching cringy videos
    8:Getting hacked
    6: stubbing your toe
    5: watching shrek
    4: pikachu wow face
    3: breaking your iPhone
    2: no WiFi
    1: Math

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach  5 days ago

    Hey Infografics, Australia isn’t pronounce “Ostralia” it is actually pronounced “estraya “. Just please don’t ever do the “ya” at the end

  • Haii __chai
    Haii __chai  5 days ago

    5:31 Yandere chan is that you?