13 Times Spoiled Kids Got OWNED By Parents

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
  • There's some quality parenting here.
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    With technology becoming easier for everyone to have access to, there's a growing issue with children simply ignoring everything to play on their phone or on their gaming systems. Entertainment is a good thing, but not when you neglect everything from chores, to your parents, to even the dignity of other people. So today we're checking out 13 incidences when kids got owned by their parents.


  • Paige Lambert
    Paige Lambert  7 minutes ago

    It all about a Boi hate X mes movie

  • DIY At home
    DIY At home  an hour ago +1

    Good job parents!!

  • Desiree Lipscomb
    Desiree Lipscomb  4 hours ago

    It’s just amazing how some people let their children talk to them .. “I hate you! “ and “You dickhead!” Wooooow parenting at its finest

  • Allen Wing
    Allen Wing  5 hours ago


  • ꧁ Rose ꧂
    ꧁ Rose ꧂  6 hours ago +1

    I would Get Smacked Not My Devices-

  • Sad Toast
    Sad Toast  7 hours ago

    First one looks 10000% Fake I'm outa here lol

  • Maxime Bilikas
    Maxime Bilikas  8 hours ago

    3:35 when he strated hitting himself😂😂💀💀💀

  • Gabrielle Lal
    Gabrielle Lal  21 hours ago

    Video: "Those people are way more important to me"
    Me: what the heck that lady is the same person that gave birth to you

  • JornalismoQuebrado
    JornalismoQuebrado  22 hours ago

    some so fake

  • J
    J  yesterday

    This is what happens when you don't beat your brat..

  • x DRAM4TIC x
    x DRAM4TIC x  yesterday +1

    America 2016: Make America great again

    America 2019: 3:25

    DOUG BROWN  yesterday

    Xbox and Not So Social , ( Social Media) strikes again. The downfall of many relationships. More power ful and addictive than some drugs.

    DOUG BROWN  yesterday

    10:31 Good dad

  • savage man
    savage man  yesterday

    I know spoiled kids and I'm a kid but not spoiled like these idiots

  • racoon M45T3R
    racoon M45T3R  yesterday

    What they don't know is theyre destroying their Xbox 360s and ps3s and the parent has a pc in their closet ready for them to build.


  • racoon M45T3R
    racoon M45T3R  yesterday +1

    Do you think the parents are imagining these kids electronics as the kids themselves. Since they can't hit their kids with a wrench they take it on their TVs screens.

  • The Random Thoughts

    Look I get that the kids should have been better but these parents need to chill

  • Alvaro Terron
    Alvaro Terron  yesterday

    A hammer seems to be the answer

  • _Gd Swooshツ
    _Gd Swooshツ  yesterday


  • jamie c
    jamie c  yesterday

    3:32 he sounds like a printer