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  • Published on:  Monday, March 25, 2019
  • Some say it's a mess, I say, it is indeed a mess.... But I love it, and all it's chaos. It also works, for the most part.


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  • Look at my profile picture

    Me: I need to make this very compact and the conveyors short as possible for frames using smart splitters and such!
    Sage: lmao what do you mean "organised" or "frames" jajajajajaja

  • Kainoa Hall
    Kainoa Hall  1 months ago

    Why is my heavy modular frame factory faster than yours?

  • Lupul Alb
    Lupul Alb  3 months ago

    Oh god ... It-s such a tangled mess ... I like it

  • Roberto Lazrenic
    Roberto Lazrenic  4 months ago

    You guys have not seem my base, I have 29 belts Inside of one belt that goes through the ground then is glitches through the hub so now the interior of the factory is completely filled with belts, it no longer is a factory but a machine That drops my fps to 10

  • Jean-Michel Skaer
    Jean-Michel Skaer  4 months ago

    You forgot one "Smooter"-Count @ 07:14

  • R00KIET
    R00KIET  6 months ago

    i love how this looks even tho u dont use the good recipes and all that but who cares theres no reason to be efficient anyway this looks amazing

  • Michael
    Michael  7 months ago

    Guys take a look again deeper. The real crappy noob base may look similar, but those do not allow for any kind of altering, because for example they have smelters to constructors back to back. This base here may look spaghetti, but he has enough space to split or merge and split and merge, which is another kind of planning.

  • therealbahamut
    therealbahamut  7 months ago

    20 minute runon sentence INHAAAAAALE and resume!

    This factory resembles his train of thought: It's a mess, it's a maze and somehow it's amazing.

    Calling it now: the blockbuster battle of the summer will be Clarence vs. Clang. Who can ruin more designs? GET YOUR TICKETS NOW.

  • Chris Kummelstedt
    Chris Kummelstedt  7 months ago

    My favourite factory!

  • Jacob Nelan
    Jacob Nelan  7 months ago +1

    This is some Dr. Seuss drawing type factory

  • David Weber
    David Weber  7 months ago

    Your accent or how you say stuff makes me want to literally kill myself and stop watching you all together

  • Jackal
    Jackal  7 months ago

    For some reason, i don't want to see how organised your house is. Scary stuff this is 🤣

  • StarGaming
    StarGaming  7 months ago

    This video makes me want to punch you in the face

  • BloodDragon95
    BloodDragon95  7 months ago

    Forget Direwire, now we have to worry about sage... I don't even know what to call this.

  • Levente Kazó
    Levente Kazó  7 months ago

    I did like this huge bridge coming thru the sky and is like two kilometers long just to get crude oil took me like a day
    Edit: I have this

  • kxsxcky
    kxsxcky  7 months ago +2

    Tesla: boii u wanna organize our factories?

  • kriddius
    kriddius  7 months ago +4

    In a game all about efficiency of design, space and throughput, this monstrosity more resembles a box of tangled Christmas lights and electrical cords.
    What a nightmare!

  • Viper
    Viper  7 months ago

    Foundations? Where we are going, we don't need foundations!

  • Luke Gielen
    Luke Gielen  7 months ago

    this guy is funny af

  • Emil Pierce
    Emil Pierce  7 months ago

    is this factorio, but 3D?
    i need