Audi S8 2020 review: Is this the BEST car in the WORLD?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • The fast version of the Audi A8 is here and we’ve reviewed it. Yes, the 2020 S8 might look like a dentist’s car, but as you’ll see in our review, it’s absolutely sensational. It has incredible suspension, which can literally leap over speed bumps, a wealth of interior tech, and the same engine you get in the Lamborghini Urus. On paper, it might just be one of the best cars in the world. Maybe even the best. Watch to see why!

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  • Rezka Ermanda
    Rezka Ermanda  3 hours ago

    Very nice

  • evo8nut
    evo8nut  10 hours ago

    He got the face for radio not a TV style show, #getof tvyamuppet

  • Venessa Pharaohs

    I love this review.

  • Calvito Bonito
    Calvito Bonito  yesterday

    It’s a big Jump for Audi

  • Vincent Frentic

    Audi doesn't want junk stored in such a beautiful vehicle if storage is a dilemma.

  • Rodion
    Rodion  yesterday

    best car lol

  • Google User
    Google User  2 days ago

    "ORDINARY"?!?! You're ENTIRELY DAFT, Mate.

  • Roman Romero
    Roman Romero  2 days ago

    Mercedes Maybach s650 is the best

  • Papa Bruno
    Papa Bruno  4 days ago

    When Audi warranty expires it is better to get rid of this car at once!!!👎

  • Papa Bruno
    Papa Bruno  4 days ago

    Better to buy SQ7, or SQ8

  • Papa Bruno
    Papa Bruno  4 days ago

    No, it's not!

    YUAN WANG  4 days ago

    Is there any free 20 pounds coupon for this car? i need approx 3000

  • Taylor M
    Taylor M  5 days ago

    Anyone else think the past generation S8 Plus had a better looking exterior?

    New one looks more elegant, old looked more manly and aggressive, not to mention had the BEST rims in the game by a German country mile.

  • Kamal Hussain
    Kamal Hussain  5 days ago

    Finally a car reviewer who's cool and knowledgeable. So tired of middle aged ponces.

  • Muqri Musa
    Muqri Musa  6 days ago

    This car looks weird from the side

  • Asparoth
    Asparoth  6 days ago

    This and the Q8: only Audis I'd buy over a mercedes or bmw.

  • rex singh
    rex singh  6 days ago +3

    I've finally talked my girlfriend into fisting.

  • Adrian
    Adrian  6 days ago

    how come UK black dudes can't spell the T in words? Example "Water"= "woa-a". :))

  • 0xyg3n
    0xyg3n  7 days ago

    I need that car to record my podcast in. :)

  • GodKing804
    GodKing804  7 days ago

    The answer is no, like Lexus is to Toyota, Audi is to VW. upbadged non "true luxury" car. And no Audi isnt like VW's Porsche, Lambo, or Bugatti.