Troye Sivan - Suburbia ( lyrics )

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 5, 2015
  • (sorry for the mistakes! i corrected them, you can see the modification on pc!! thanks)

    The sun sets longer where I am from
    Where dreams go to die while having fun
    The boys fix their cars and girls eat it up
    Loving's so good when love is young

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    All credits to Troye Sivan


  • nostalgic youtube
    nostalgic youtube  a years ago +216

    THANK YOU GUYS FOR ONE MILLION VIEWS! made my day seriously ☺️ ❤️ 💜 💙

  • phany
    phany  11 hours ago

    Oh man i miss his old songs

  • Melanie Cruz
    Melanie Cruz  21 days ago

    I love the song, I love the artist❤️

  • #João Batista //#jbsn


  • hi Hi
    hi Hi  a months ago +1

    This song will always be in my heart

  • rana tamer
    rana tamer  2 months ago

    Is it me that start hearing harry styles voice at 2:47 and after??

  • Benton Decan
    Benton Decan  2 months ago +1

    I did and wanted to be famous at sone point! I feel that it is so close to me now than ever that i will not be able to continue to live anymore. My family members will be the unspoken seriel killer.

  • VanessaAlvar3z
    VanessaAlvar3z  2 months ago

    Perth is so beautiful yo. It's always going to be home

  • Jay Shypinka
    Jay Shypinka  2 months ago

    I never knew oh wonder was a group or band. Now I have to look up their music.

  • Midnight Nettle
    Midnight Nettle  2 months ago

    Did he just sing a reference to Oh Wonder?! Damnn I love them too♡

  • My_Bay_Jed
    My_Bay_Jed  3 months ago +1

    The nostalgia I get from this song😫 it makes me really miss my childhood

  • Parallel
    Parallel  3 months ago

    This makes me think of Life Is Strange for some reason

  • So What's The Story?
    So What's The Story?  4 months ago

    "Love is so good when
    Love is young"

  • Huskaya Ken
    Huskaya Ken  4 months ago +2



  • Huskaya Ken
    Huskaya Ken  4 months ago +1


  • zm rh
    zm rh  4 months ago +1


  • KJ Domens
    KJ Domens  4 months ago

    Oh wonder on repeat. Okay you got me there

  • 95.92_ dalgi
    95.92_ dalgi  5 months ago

    This is still my fav song ❤️

  • r mcp
    r mcp  5 months ago

    i finally heard him on the radio after years of waiting. no matter what happens i always come back to this music. thank you troye<3