Load Balancer Tips for an Efficient Factory! - Satisfactory Tips (Beginner + Advanced)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • Load Balancer Tips for an Efficient Factory! - Satisfactory Tips (Beginner + Advanced)

    More Satisfactory tips today and this time we're going over load balancer tips! We'll check out load balancer designs, how to load balance, and useful and advanced tips on how to utilize blanacers!

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    Splitter / Merger Conveyor Combos:

    Load Balancers:


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    About: Satisfactory
    Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Pioneering for FICSIT Incorporated means charting and exploiting an alien planet, battling alien lifeforms, creating multi-story factories, entering conveyor belt heaven, automating vehicles, and researching new technologies. The Satisfactory Train update and Nuclear update also adds in trains, train stations, and nuclear power plant to enjoy, if you can handle the nuclear waste that is! In some of our videos, we go over Satisfactory tips and Satisfactory building tips, as well how to build a mega base and manufacturer setup. Our Satisfactory Early Access let’s play ep 1 was started a few months ago, but now we have hundreds of hours since Satisfactory ep 1 and have built a giant base with computer production, supercomputer production, a huge nuclear power plant and hundreds of trains! Our giant train system covers the entire map and gathers uranium, deals with our nuclear waste, and Satisfactory trains are a very satisfactory way of travel!
    This Factorio like game has heavy automation, with automated mining, crafting, and you can even automate movement! Follow my Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay for the best base building, best Satisfactory tips, and more!

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  • Alessandro Picoli
    Alessandro Picoli  1 months ago

    Nossa fauna divisão exata de recurso e não preciso dessa zona

  • Multi Tool
    Multi Tool  2 months ago

    You can also use the overclock system to optimize the production. You can set 50% and have the right output instant.

  • Sean Patterson
    Sean Patterson  2 months ago

    The TLDR is that for a constantly running factory there is no difference between overflow and load balanced setups.

    The difference comes if you have a factory that either starts and stops a lot,or one that has resources come in unreliably (maybe trains are messed up or something).

    In that case, a load balanced setup will generally have all machines start at the same time and stop at the same time (roughly). It will go from not running to running 100% speed faster and it will go from running 100% speed to stopped faster. Whereas an overflow setup will take longer to spin up and spin down.

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo  2 months ago

    ..It neds hardmode, - machines catch fire and explode if overflowed with input material.

  • Christopher Senge
    Christopher Senge  2 months ago

    "it's as easy as leaving a like and subscribing..." = automatic dislike, no subscribe.

  • Nicolas Innocent
    Nicolas Innocent  2 months ago

    I prefer using a manifold (overflow) and playing with the machine speed, it's as efficient and a lot faster to build

  • Ari J
    Ari J  2 months ago +2

    Love this series. Please do one on your take on expandable, modular factory design. There are a couple of these videos out there, but no one covers design in the current builds (inclusive of lifts and updated spacing)

  • Digital Packrat
    Digital Packrat  2 months ago +1

    Ill stick with the overflow meted, Im way to lazy to do the math and set this up :)

  • Frank Dekker
    Frank Dekker  2 months ago

    Love your videos. Could you do a tip video about how to keep track of your resource inputs/output. With so many resources I keep losing track of how much each belt is fed, and how much from each belt is consumed.

  • _SFM
    _SFM  2 months ago

    LOAD BALANCING IS POINTLESS. I'm studying MECHANICAL ENGINEERING and your use of the word efficiency is infuriating.
    Yes the machine gets up to max output quickly but there is such a huge waste of space, time and resources for something which won't matter after about 10 minutes of running for a machine which will run continuously.

  • Bartosz S
    Bartosz S  2 months ago +2

    3:04 do I have to change my game files to get rid of the deconstruction bar?

  • Bionic Turtle
    Bionic Turtle  2 months ago

    I really wanna see Kibz do factorio

  • Mr.McYeet
    Mr.McYeet  2 months ago

    Y haven't u came the captain stop uploading on y'alls channel

  • Purple Dude
    Purple Dude  2 months ago

    tips for trucks hauling 2 types of items and going to same truck stop

  • Sparktite
    Sparktite  2 months ago +3

    So what are the benefits of load balancing over not load balancing?
    You didnt really go into detail all you did was say it makes your factories run faster which it doesnt. Sure it takes slightly longer for belts to be saturated with overflow but you wind up at the same points. Was really hoping you would have gone into detail, was just waiting the whole video to hear some practical examples :(

    I really like the look of some people load balancing setups, it can look really crazy in a good way. But i spent quite some time on the reddit reading about the subject and discussing it with others because i wanted to get to the bottom of why people are doing it. The conclusion from people doing it and from what i was able to understand was there really is no point at all, its purely a style/aesthetics thing.

  • Yvan Giovanetti
    Yvan Giovanetti  2 months ago +3

    2:03 The second load balance system is not necessary. You can simply feed each constructor with a conveyor directly connected to a smelter. More generally speaking, you don't always need to merge the outputs then to split them again. Suppose that you need 12 machines to produce the inputs of 18 machines. In that case, you just need to make groups of 2 and 3 machines in each line of production: you merge the production of 2 machines and you split it into 3, and you do that 6 times. That's way simpler than merging 12 convoyors then splitting again into 18.

  • lolboy2048 roblox
    lolboy2048 roblox  2 months ago

    make a guide wy you need to make a platform fore you builed and you factory and huw trains work

  • Roro346
    Roro346  2 months ago +1

    I have to tattoo this in my memory... Thank you for the tips :D

  • clock tower
    clock tower  2 months ago

    Play satisfactory

  • Ivan
    Ivan  2 months ago +12

    I use the overflow method because it’s more environmentally friendly ;) but mostly because I’m too lazy :).