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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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  • Timothy Swanson
    Timothy Swanson  21 days ago


  • Senji Ken Kryomasa
    Senji Ken Kryomasa  a months ago +2

    I love the add additional stars for 5.49 each. XD
    Good job ea lol.

  • RandomNinja 024
    RandomNinja 024  a months ago

    There is a hole in the middle it's a little circle and the wires come out from it you have to look closely at the image but you can see it just barely

  • SpawnDarkAges666
    SpawnDarkAges666  a months ago

    scott definitely got the kegel exersizer

  • Tony Almaguer
    Tony Almaguer  a months ago

    I'm upset that he didn't review at least one detox item, the amount of people that ask if it works for

  • Cody Dotson
    Cody Dotson  a months ago

    What is up with the low audio. I have to turn the volume up hella high just to clearly hear him. Then the next video comes on molesting my ear drums.

  • Harison White
    Harison White  a months ago

    That thumbnail face is nightmare material

  • MidSpinz
    MidSpinz  a months ago

    Go to reddit makemesuffer page

  • socks_a_plenty
    socks_a_plenty  a months ago

    Lol this was cute.

  • DeathsPit00
    DeathsPit00  a months ago +2

    This vid was actually a lot funnier than I was expecting. lmao

    On a side note I think You and the guys should redownload Golf It. lol

  • Animated PastaSauce
    Animated PastaSauce  a months ago

    Thanks for reminding me to take out the trash.

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes  a months ago +1

    What kind of mother has his kid wear a chasity device? Well when he’s at school he could just go to the bathroom oh wait his mommy there to make sure he don’t jack it.

  • Dragon’s Sin of Wrath

    I wish he read the Sugar free Haribo gummy bear reviews, fkn brilliant

  • Shu Reborn
    Shu Reborn  a months ago

    Scott I’m sorry but no Chrissy no views

  • Rem Zero
    Rem Zero  a months ago

    69 dislikes

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis  a months ago

    Scott is in the "Prime" of his life

  • Perry Miles
    Perry Miles  a months ago

    Do the sugar free gummy bear review

  • cryostasis
    cryostasis  a months ago +1

    I loved how most of these were people just taking the piss xD

  • sergeantassassin3
    sergeantassassin3  a months ago

    Scotty doesn't seem to understand the true horror that these Sugar-Free Gummi Bears can bring upon a poor, unsuspecting digestive tract.

    Some of the stories are, likely, exaggerated for comedic effect, but others are absolutely legit. These little hellspawn will absolutely obliterate your colon if given a chance. That being said...I'd subscribe just to see this man eat a pound of Haribo Sugar-Free Gummi Bears, and all the ensuing pain and suffering this would entail.


  • xXLuid
    xXLuid  a months ago

    You need to talk louder in the rest of your videos, cmon man I can barely hear you