SUPER JUNIOR – Black Suit / Sorry, Sorry / Bonamana (14th KKBOX Music Awards Artist of the Year)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019


    KKBOX  9 months ago +284

    小K情人節加碼送給各位 #ELF 啦❤️🙈

  • 張祐甄
    張祐甄  7 hours ago

  • Diana Velasco
    Diana Velasco  21 hours ago

    Increible presentación👏👏👏👍👍👍😍😍😍

  • Tanyahachi 07
    Tanyahachi 07  yesterday

    even my mom who doesn't knw anything about kpop know super junior LOL what a legend

  • Patricia Nicole Salas

    Daddy donghae 😍

  • france moraga
    france moraga  3 days ago

    i was waiting for heechul to pop out but,, i didnt saw him😔😔

  • Kassie
    Kassie  4 days ago

    Super Junior + ELF = Forever ♡

  • Melrose WH MX
    Melrose WH MX  6 days ago

    Where’s Heechul?

  • 지윤Jiyoon
    지윤Jiyoon  6 days ago


  • Nurul Azlina Aman

    This just my 2 cents. I really pity them. They need to rearrange choreography when members were in military. Even after all members finish their military, they still need to rearrange choreography on Sorry Sorry album & albums before that. However, when SuJu is complete, it was like hell break loose. Super funny. The chorephraphy looks awesome. The formation looks nice, you know. At one time, i do think that they can hold on together like Shinhwa. For now, SuJu & Shinhwa are my fav. I don't know much about the newer groups. I'm just curious. The MIA members are still managed by SM right? (except Hangeng). I also wonder if they reach out to Shinhwa because i think Eric is wise (they have lawsuit right about the band name rights/ correct me if i'm wrong).

  • Tony Kim
    Tony Kim  7 days ago

    That is the most I have seen Siwon sweat in my life XD But hey he worked hard up there as well as the other members :)

  • Hazim Mj
    Hazim Mj  7 days ago

    Autotune? Omg, not good to hear.

  • Meian Goh
    Meian Goh  7 days ago

    ryewook after sungmin... then sungmin after ryeowook T.T I always hear them after each other but sadly my aegyo king is not there

  • Mao Soksreyneang
    Mao Soksreyneang  7 days ago

    Eunyuk in black hair is very perfect

  • shamma saleh
    shamma saleh  7 days ago

    suju my favorite team I kpop

  • Gaby Coray
    Gaby Coray  7 days ago

    Super Junior 💙💙💙

  • D S
    D S  7 days ago

    just leave the earth

  • Fikastiana Cahya
    Fikastiana Cahya  7 days ago

    Suju fighting!💙 Donghaeeeee💙💙

  • Adlin Fakhriana
    Adlin Fakhriana  7 days ago

    Need to confirm this is not super show 😍

  • Darwin Gabriel Mayorga Larios

    Son los mejores!!!