Satisfactory - Factory Design Tutorial - Think Vertically and Compartmentalize!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • A tutorial covering the benefits and design of compartments for each function in your factory. Think vertically and reduce the footprint of your factory, all the while making everything more neat and easier to manage.

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  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve  1 months ago

    Interesting video, but the volume needs to be at least 50% higher.

    KIWI ROB  2 months ago

    where did you build this factory

  • Amphy Boi
    Amphy Boi  2 months ago

    I like the small show of key points at the start, then lead it into a longer tutorial!

  • Gazelle
    Gazelle  3 months ago +2

    Oh my god damn it, I never thought about using low tier belts to control throughput, I've just been using max tier belts everywhere :/

  • Cynthia Bauer
    Cynthia Bauer  4 months ago

    Your limiting factor is conveyor capacity, or vehicle loading speed. Your goal is to prevent spaghetti which makes you want to quit the game. There will be a need for rebuilding with improved conveyors later on. All this combined means the best policy is to transport the most DENSE material.

    For example, if you need Screws do not send Screws, send Ingots and produce Rods and Screws locally.

    The still-early-game Mk 2 conveyor can send 120 Ingots or 120 Screws per minute, but all recipes call for Screws in much higher amounts than the Screw Constructor calls in Ingots, so you would need multiple Screw conveyor layers to supply multiple Fabricators using Screws, and to send a lot of Screws you would increase your logistical resource usage, spread spaghetti and make it more annoying to re-build later on.

    120 Ingots can supply 8 Screw Constructors who could supply ~4 Large Fabricators generally. Building the final component locally costs a bigger footprint, but it makes managing the logistical chain so much more pleasant and it will eliminate the spaghetti monstrosity.

    XzHKJESSzX  4 months ago

    You deserve way more views keep it up. 🤟👍

  • Basteal
    Basteal  4 months ago

    The blue and orange is giving a strong portal vibe. Is this how Apature started?

  • Jonathan Means
    Jonathan Means  4 months ago

    Hey could we get a video explaining how to get raw resources or smelted ingots to factories? I run into the issue of having not enough iron at a location for expansion but I’m not sure about bussing in a load of ingots, or how to effectively go about it.

  • Gamer Cow
    Gamer Cow  4 months ago

    This is a really elegant build. I have troubles with vertical gaming but this helped out quite a bit.

  • Draimond
    Draimond  4 months ago +4

    "Bottom line up front" needs to be globally adopted by youtubers. ty bluf gaming

  • Zourin
    Zourin  5 months ago +1

    What always drives me nuts is getting enough floor space to work with. I usually play in the more scenic forest areas, but it's almost nothing but highly uneven terrain and small flats bounded by cliffs. I'm not particularly keen on paving over the scenery (I try to keep as many trees as possible) or building sky factories, so it's a challenge working with/into the terrain and still having enough building space without spagettifying the internal logistics. I end up with a series of smaller factories with limited, if minimal, production capability and limited expandability because everything has to go vertical, and not without total overhauls. If I can get so much as a 6x8 footprint, I have to consider that 'good'.

  • Shadow Hound
    Shadow Hound  6 months ago

    Wow I built a factory near that same location but I did small very tall factories instead of compartments in one large factory. But yours are so much more satisfactory.

  • georgianbents
    georgianbents  7 months ago

    Great videos. In the interest of detail though, "fauna" are animals and "flora" are plants. So you are routing items around the poisonous flora, not fauna :) I like the bus idea too.

  • Jorge Duarte
    Jorge Duarte  7 months ago

    I like making compartments that can be stacked or mirrored to increase production. However, I find that it is much easier to just lay every building of the same type (like smelters) neatly in rows on the same floor. I might then move the combined output above the current floor, where a new row of production buildings travels on top of the footprint of the previous floor. Or I might just continue on the same floor.
    I love conveyor escaltors but they are just so much more work than building flat. Conveyor lifts might change my mind when they arrive.

  • Ville QQ
    Ville QQ  7 months ago

    I dont know I hate walled design. Can't see the whole picture what's going on

  • Rodney Batchelor
    Rodney Batchelor  7 months ago

    Would like to see a world tour soon. Great tuts thus far!

  • Captain Reiko
    Captain Reiko  7 months ago

    I cramped everything in a building with the tracks clipping throuh
    Each other, lol

  • Sharp Blue
    Sharp Blue  7 months ago +1

    So the basic idea of factory building is:

    Edit: Great video tho

  • Chad Klatz
    Chad Klatz  7 months ago

    good solution to power up machines inside rooms

  • chris c
    chris c  7 months ago

    You really need to work on your belt management spaghetti.