What Happens If You Save The Serial Killer Prostitute From Hanging In Red Dead Redemption 2? (RDR2)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • What Happens If You Save The Serial Killer Prostitute From Hanging In Red Dead Redemption 2? (RDR2)
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    In today's Red Dead Redemption 2 video - We are going to figure out what happens if you save the Valentine Saloon Lady from getting Hanging in a SECRET outcome encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2!

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  • FlamingLips79
    FlamingLips79  3 hours ago

    I remember saving her and riding off, and never cared to follow up on it.

  • full metal jacket
    full metal jacket  9 hours ago

    Subtitle at 8:20 wtf ahahah

  • Ryan Pickett
    Ryan Pickett  23 hours ago

    She gave me 20 dollars after the second time

  • MrKnaives
    MrKnaives  yesterday

    She's like the only decent looking NPC character in this game.

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus Kilgore  2 days ago

    That first part though..that's equality right there.

  • steve charron
    steve charron  2 days ago

    You gotta play 1:58 at .25 speed. That six-piece is a thing of beauty, and that last right cross is deadly. The way she slumps...oof.

  • Christopher Nguyen

    Sheriffs casually sitting on another sheriff's lap and talking. 2:58.

  • Thor
    Thor  5 days ago

    NEVER white-knight for THOTs.......

  • Jerry Mancini
    Jerry Mancini  6 days ago

    does she eventually hang if you leave her?

  • Benton Marcum
    Benton Marcum  7 days ago

    8:16 There are two outcomes one where she gets away with it and one she doesn't. So where is the version she gets away with it?
    This guy appears to be unclear on the concept of (get away with it)

  • lil moni
    lil moni  7 days ago

    i tried to help her and i got the body on my horse and it glitched and i
    couldn’t take it off idek what happened lol

    DJ MYTH!C  7 days ago

    What if you took the dead man to the sherif?

  • Rick Chungus
    Rick Chungus  7 days ago

    So for those of you who are new if you wanna watch this dudes videos just skip 10min in for the content you want lol

  • John Paul
    John Paul  7 days ago

    Great, now I know that the serial killer was a female prostitute -__-

  • olliedalolli
    olliedalolli  7 days ago

    there is a second encounter if you help her then leave

  • Fleece Johnson
    Fleece Johnson  7 days ago

    put a ring on that girl!

  • Luke Traver
    Luke Traver  7 days ago

    I helped her then left and she killed again and asked for help a second time I didn’t even think of turning her in

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz  7 days ago

    ¿How much time do you have to wait until she gets hung?

  • demeshaun norman
    demeshaun norman  7 days ago

    I helped her twice and I didn't 1 time

  • James Ventura
    James Ventura  7 days ago

    It's like playing the movie Unforgiven so fucking awesome