Extreme Idiots Of The Internet Compilation #17 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 22, 2018
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    Trendinidasdana proudly presents freshest episode of idiots of the internet 2018, hope you will like the video. These funny people compilation full of suprisingly unexpected funny moments. More hilarious fail videos will be on next extreme idiots of the internet compilation 2018 so be sure that you subscribe. I enjoy to watch best drunk moments videos in the playlist as well. People fail hilariously and we all like that. I make epic drunk fails compilation funny best editings and from constructin fails to like a boss compilation videos for you all!

    You know when funny people caught on tape it’s not always in full HD sadly. But i always try to find best resolution clips to make extreme idiots compilation 2018 videos I'm already not a huge fan of poor resolution drunk fails compilation or try not to laugh challenge videos so that’s why i don’t want to present something i don’t like to watch by myself for you. If you have any suggestion for extreme idiots 2018, idiots of the internet, funny idiots, try not to laugh or general funny video stuff please tell me down on the comments. I will be reading your comments to check for extreme idiots of the internet, funny people videos, extreme idiots of the internet fails, funny try not to laugh and all idiots compilations. And i also publish hilarious drunk fails 2018 compilations you know that?

    It’s always a great pleasure to watch best fails compilations. Especially idiots at the gym or idiots at work videos as you already know. For now i don’t think just to make funny fail videos but who knows what future hold ha? Maybe i will add different types of viral videos or funny vines or some type of funny videos. So i am totally into your advices about new stupid people or crazy people compilation video ideas. By the way this is a funny try not to laugh challenge video so don't hold yourself. I’d like to learn about your opinions about these type of fails 2018 videos so please tell me what you liked and disliked about this extreme try not to laugh funny video. With your thoughts i can rearrange the editiny style of funny people videos.

    Extreme idiots of the internet Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

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  • Trendinidasdana
    Trendinidasdana  10 months ago +309

    0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:04

  • Francois Germain
    Francois Germain  12 minutes ago

    Nobody ever talks about those fracking dumb horses that stop just before jumping and really hurting people (like C Reeves who paid with his life). Horses are not THAT cool.

  • Useless.
    Useless.  3 days ago +1

    0:17 Is my favorite part.

  • GutterGirl Acidron
    GutterGirl Acidron  3 days ago +1

    I can't help noticing that the majority of 'idiots' are men and teens!😅😅😅😅

  • -Sovereign- ////
    -Sovereign- ////  4 days ago

    6:10 this is too funny! Lmao

    Buddy in the background song said riding thru with the rara and buddy?
    procceeds to open door
    falls out of a moving vehicle

  • wren 22
    wren 22  4 days ago

    Seriously What's Wrong With Young Men!!

  • BurnWithThePigs
    BurnWithThePigs  5 days ago

    The 3rd one is Russia. They aren’t stupid.

  • Hola JjJa
    Hola JjJa  5 days ago

    Dislike is idiot

  • Mz Luv 18 H.
    Mz Luv 18 H.  6 days ago

    When you're 4 minutes into the video and all you can say to yourself white people just don't make no damn sense then your feelings become hurt😞 when you see 😒black people doing the same damn thing😩

  • Rarebreed Gray
    Rarebreed Gray  7 days ago

    @ 8:44.. the perfect adlib for loosing a tooth

    LION OF JUDAH  7 days ago

    How can he not see the pole lol.

  • Jose A Garcia
    Jose A Garcia  7 days ago +1

    Que tanto hay así de idiotas, en el mundo?

  • Tainopisno1
    Tainopisno1  7 days ago

    That slipping and falling on a step outside cause if the ice is serious u can break ur tailbone and that hurts like a muthaphucka too.

  • Сергей Кравец

    Frankly saying there are sometimes very strange people looking for serious adventures

  • Manju Manju
    Manju Manju  7 days ago

    1:37 is gone

  • Sara Elizabeth Fuentes

    Ojala supieran los protagonistas de estos videos como están catalogados porque hasta posan sin saber lo imbéciles de que son catalogados.Que pena por ellos

  • Q Co
    Q Co  7 days ago

    Freddie and Jason with

  • sue Rea
    sue Rea  7 days ago

    The stupidity of men is endless. Very few woman in this video. I wonder why?

  • Alberto Lanza
    Alberto Lanza  14 days ago

    Quella sulla spiaggia sta facendo Pilates Boomerang! !! Topp! !

  • Xeix
    Xeix  14 days ago

    Outtro was cringe