Tokyo Drift - Six Days - Mos Def ft. DJ Shadow HD Video

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 31, 2014
  • Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift (2006) Movie , beginning scene with the song Six Days - Mos Def ft. DJ Shadow


  • BDBrazy
    BDBrazy  18 hours ago

    when fast and furious was about cars and racing not some other random shit with heists and explosions

  • Maulana Adytamma
    Maulana Adytamma  3 days ago

    Juosht ..👍

  • MadMax74656
    MadMax74656  3 days ago

    The best movie of the entire franchise and this is coming from a guy who does not like drift.Movie was packed with drift,race,cars etc unlike the rest of the franchise bullshit with criminals,baldy guys and lousy plot.

  • EhG Airz sHotz
    EhG Airz sHotz  3 days ago

    My ride

  • adrianix 14
    adrianix 14  3 days ago +1

    Someone too watching fast amd furious in november2019

  • jacqueline hernandez

    ❤️ Drift😍❤️😎

  • jacqueline hernandez


  • Firman Wijayanto
    Firman Wijayanto  5 days ago


  • Mario Puentes
    Mario Puentes  5 days ago

    ¡Que puto mejor inicio de película!

  • Planet Food Ajni
    Planet Food Ajni  7 days ago

    Yo ajju the rock 8329796123

  • PS2
    PS2  7 days ago

    Adult Man going to the school lol

  • PS2
    PS2  7 days ago +1

    This is what i need

  • perla garcia
    perla garcia  7 days ago +2

    De lujooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 直子直子
    直子直子  7 days ago +1

    being here after rewatch the movie ............

  • Trusted Mars
    Trusted Mars  14 days ago +1

    My friends and i heard this song 5 months ago and we didn't know the name but we loved it. Finally found it

  • Burgattti
    Burgattti  14 days ago +4

    Dunno how I used to sit and watch the film on a ipod nano 😭😂 how times have changed

  • Bo Dave
    Bo Dave  14 days ago

    Nice riiiide

  • Nyk OfTheSouth
    Nyk OfTheSouth  14 days ago

    I understand why this is the most underrated movie from the franchise. People seem to stereotype having kids as main characters and not take it seriously while also having less respect on the not so famous actors behind it. Whilst the other F&F titles have superstar actors and better press. But sadly, if you compare this movie from the rest, this turned out to be more enjoyable and believable, true to it's "Racing" theme. The other ones are just screaming Hollywood shit explosions, tanks and submarines. It's like they made those movies just to make an extravagant trailer to grab some money, never caring about the story.

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar  21 days ago

    I miss this time so fucking much😭

    GAMER BOY  21 days ago +2

    This song always reminds me of my gay school it runs in my mind always while going to my gay school